New Jersey Second Amendment Society Appoints Rich Petkevis Executive Director

New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-( Dear fellow leaders, members and supporters,

The growth of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, in both size and importance, has prompted me to make some changes to our leadership structure.

In order to allow more time for me to concentrate on my role as President of the Society, I have asked Rich Petkevis to take on the responsibilities of Executive Director. Rich will be replacing me as the person with the overall responsibility of running the organization, while as President. I will focus my attention on Policy, Growth and Direction. As we move into our fourth year of existence, it is appropriate for us to evaluate our current and future effectiveness.

One of the things that has made our Society so successful is our ability to maneuver. We are not constrained by a top heavy management structure. I prefer to keep it that way by expanding and sharing the responsibilities for keeping the NJ2AS growing at peak efficiency. I have chosen Rich because of his exceptional hard work and devotion to our mission. Others have worked equally hard and this was not an easy choice, but eventually a choice had to be made and I think he is the best choice overall.

All other positions and responsibilities will also continue as before. I ask you all to direct the operational issues to Rich that you used to direct to me. I will continue to handle all Policy, Strategy and Growth Issues. Both Rich and I are going to need your help and cooperation if we are going to continue growing at our current rate. More importantly, we intend to do many things that will INCREASE our rate of growth. If anything, all our positions will involve a higher level of responsibility. Now, I fully realize that this is an all-volunteer organization and that most of you have an actual life outside of the NJ2AS. Please keep your eyes open for promising candidates to share your responsibilities with. People who can take some of the responsibilities form your plate will become ESSENTIAL if my vision for this Society is achieved. Our ability to make that vision a reality will depend a great deal on how well we can spot and develop talent.

You may have noticed that I have set aside all plans to break the Society up into geographical or other sectors. All my instincts tell me that we need not concern ourselves with that task until it becomes unavoidable. I will not go into my reasons in this message, but we will discuss this further in the near future.

In closing, let us all be respectful of each other’s time and not develop unrealistic expectations. We are doing a SPECTACULAR job of furthering our mission and have reason to be extremely proud.

Frank Jack Fiamingo
President – NJ2AS


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