TUFF1 Introduces the A-TACS FG & AU Universal Gun Grips

TUFF1 A-TACS FG & AU Universal Gun Grips
TUFF1 A-TACS FG & AU Universal Gun Grips
TUFF1 Gun Grip Covers
TUFF1 Gun Grip Covers

Dayton, Ohio. –-(Ammoland.com)- TUFF1, manufacturer of the most durable, universal firearm grip accessory on the market is pleased to announce the newest addition to the TUFF1 product line, the A-TACS FG and AU patterns from Advanced Concealment Systems of Columbus, Georgia.

In continuing to provide shooting enthusiasts, LE and military personnel the best, most universal grip accessory available, the TUFF1 A-TACS will now provide the user with the concealment and customization advantages of the A-TACS patterns and the superior performance and weapon retention of a TUFF1.

The TUFF1 A-TACS project was born out of the continual need to improve not only the handling function of today’s rifles and handguns but their appearance as well. Scott Hopkins of TUFF1 and Steve Hanks of Digital Concealment Systems wanted to offer their customers a functional grip accessory, regardless of firearm type, they can use with confidence.

TUFF1 Gun Grip Covers were engineered to be durable, functional and flexible for any firearm and in any environment. Both TUFF1 and A-TACS patterns were developed and manufactured entirely in the U.S.A and all TUFF1 products are covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

This flexibility and durability allow TUFF1 to be used on all firearms from small, compact handguns to larger- framed semiautomatics and tactical rifles and shotguns. The TUFF1 A-TACS grip accessory provides the user the function and superior performance that customer have come to expect from TUFF1 and A-TACS.

TUFF1 is based in Dayton, Ohio and is committed to providing a grip accessory that offers unrivaled performance, durability, made entirely in the USA and backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information of the TUFF1 A-TACS grip accessory, please call 888.998.8331 or visit www.TUFF1.com

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