New York State Police Issue ‘Field Guide’ for NY SAFE Act Enforcement

New York State Police Field Guide for NY SAFE Act
New York State Police Field Guide for NY SAFE Act
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New York – -( Embedded below is a “field guide” issued by New York’s State Police agency for its troopers and other law enforcement on how to handle the state’s controversial gun-control law, the SAFE Act.

The 20-page guide, quietly issued last month, tries to answer the legal concerns that police officers have raised about enforcing the NY SAFE Act, which was championed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and passed by the Legislature in January.

It is an interesting read and is a perfect example case of the dangers of passing over reaching and vague laws.

New York State Police SAFE Act Field Guide

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A citizen has the right to ignore all illegal laws imposed by a corrupt administration both state or federal. The Second Amendment has no limitations on ownership or use of all arms. The Second Amendment is a safeguard against these actions by criminal political leaders.
This is just step one of a plan to disarm the population. Next will be taxation, more restrictions then confiscation. The idea is to make criminals out of honest citizens and strip away our rights,liberty and freedom.