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#gunrightsthug for Life
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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Certain liberal wack-job mothers have been calling me a Gun Thug.

Claiming that I scare them with my vocal gun toting freedom loving rants on social media.

That for the children, I should stop clinging to my guns and pray to my false christian god for him to allow them to run ruff shod over all my rights and the rights of the same children I scare the daylights out of when I try and teach them some basic gun safety.

Safety? You know the one I am talking about “STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.”

They scream at me in all CAPS, that I should not do that, but should work with them to remove all guns from the world and children would not have to waste time with learning basic gun safety and personal responsibility.

They say I should submit to their almighty big government. “why he will take care of you” “he knows what is best for you” “he says you should register as a democrat”, and “stop with your god given rights nonsense, you are scaring us YOU THUG.”

Makes you think your views right???



Ok, I thought it over. This old sheep dog is changen his ways. I thought it over and I decided I am gonna scare the crap out of every liberal, progressive, ignorant, dumb ass mom I can, and force my god given right to keep and bear arms down their throats, for the sake of their freedom and for “the children”.

Their idea of change, NOPE, I am liven the Gun Thug life.

#gunrightsthug for Life


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    1. Let me get this straight. These people are opposed to “gun violence”. So other forms of violence are acceptable?

    2. What you teach them could protect them from the real thugs who, for now, are just building their own confidence by playing the “Knock Down” game.

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