Pro-Gun Candidate Defeats Anti-Gun Mayor of Morrisville, NC


Charlotte, NC –-(  Tuesday, City Councilman Mark Stohlman defeated anti-gun incumbent Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe.

The defeat of this anti-gun extremist marks a huge victory for Second Amendment supporters and sportsmen. Mayor-elect Mark Stohlman has pledged to defend the Second Amendment rights of responsible gun owners in Morrisville, and can be counted on to oppose efforts for increased restrictions on your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

By contrast, Jackie Holcombe proudly aligns herself with an anti-gun extremist group, “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG), that promotes gun bans and increased restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. MAIG is founded and funded by radical anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Jackie Holcombe even used her office as Mayor to try to bully a local branch of a national sporting goods shop into not selling legal firearms simply because she does not like them.

Residents of Morrisville can be thankful that their Second Amendment rights now will be protected since they no longer have a Mayor who will work with Michael Bloomberg to implement his anti-gun agenda.

Thank you to all NRA members and Second Amendment supporters who went to the polls yesterday to vote for the only pro-gun candidate in this race, Mark Stohlman. The defeat of anti-gun Mayor Jackie Holcombe could not have been possible without your efforts.
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