Rio Grande’s Army Special Forces Gun Grips

Rio Grande Army Special Forces Gun Grips
Rio Grande Army Special Forces Gun Grips
Rio Grande Custom Grips
Rio Grande Custom Grips

Brighton, CO –-( Rio Grande Custom Grips new U.S. Army commemorative Special Forces (Green Beret) grips for Ruger revolvers and Model 1911s.

These cool looking all black tribute grips feature the Army Special Forces crest affectionately known by old timers as the harp* (because it sort of looks like one).

The tough good looking grips are salt, oil, solvent, water impact and abrasion resistant and the image is encased in rugged poly-material.

MSRP: $64.95

$54.95 each for two or more and purchaser may mix revolver or pistol.

Rio Grande Custom Grips
11151 E. 151st Place
CO 80602
(303) 330-2812

E-mail: [email protected]


*The Special Forces crest is made up of crossed arrows from the First Special Service Force, a somewhat unconventional light infantry unit of combined American and Canadian units in WWII, made popular in the film The Devils Brigade. The dagger represents unconventional warfare skills and the motto while disputed due to various Latin grammar interpretations, to old time SF troopers simply means– The oppressed we liberate.

Also as first written about in Gung-Ho Magazine in the 1980s the true history of the Green Berets was exposed by its acknowledged founder Aaron Bank as not coming from the more politically correct First Special Service Force (According to the Army at the time) but rather from the Jedburgh teams operating though the OSS in Europe in WWII. In other words the Army Special Forces evolved from what is now known as the CIA. In the early years and thorough the 1980s and 1990s it was not politically correct to acknowledge that a U.S. military unit evolved from the underground, spies, guerrilla fighters and saboteurs.

About Rio Grande Custom Grips

Rio Grande Custom Grips produces a huge series of standard image illustrated handgun grips for revolvers and pistols. Using a proprietary and patented process the company can put most any image, illustration and/or verbiage on a handgun grip. Made from molded high-strength specialized polymer the grips are seriously tough and durable. Custom and special order grips are available for individuals, units, organizations, associations, a company or whatever and volume discounts are available.

The company is also seeking retail outlets; however the grips are available direct from the company.

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I own a couple pair of their grips–just beautiful, really neat stuff.