Good Cause vs Inalienable Rights

By John Farnam

Inalienable Rights
Good Cause vs Inalienable Rights
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( The inherently fraudulent “good cause” argument:

Yesterday, the 9th Circuit Court struck-down a CA law which universally prohibited the carrying of guns in public by all, except those who supposedly demonstrate “good cause” that they should be able to exercise a right (in CA a “privilege”) enjoyed by most other Americans.

The fatal weakness with such “good cause” legislation lies with the people who are given cart-blanch authority to define “good cause.” Curiously, in actual practice, the only ones determined to possess such “good cause” are politicians themselves, bureaucrats who serve politicians, and the politicians’ political supporters and contributors. All others are told, repeatedly, that they don’t have a legitimate “need“.

Any politician who claims he could not foresee that outcome is either an idiot, or a criminal. The vast majority are the latter!

In medieval Europe there was the “ruling class,” with their entourage of dukes, barons, et al, all endowed with endless special rights and privileges. Then, there was everyone else, who had no rights and who were told, repeatedly, that they existed only to serve the ruling class.

Here in the “New World,” out courageous Founders broke free from that evil system, unapologetically declaring that citizens are sovereign, that each of us is endowed by his Creator with certain inalienable rights, that there is no “ruling class,” that politicians may not presume, by any means, to “confer” pre-existing rights upon anyone, and that politicians and bureaucrats exist only to serve the public, not the other way around!

Now, liberals, and other Constitutional criminals, are taking us back to the old system!

Inalienable rights, like the right to bear arms, have been demoted to “privileges” by liberal politicians in CA and other places, privileges to be arbitrarily conferred, and arbitrarily withdrawn, enjoyed only by the ruling class, never the unwashed!

Today, the 9th Circuit ruled against these entrenched old-world thugs!

It is a great victory for goodness and light, but we can never rest. The evil and determined, who relentlessly seize and consolidate personal political power, who live only to lord-it-over the rest of us, will never hesitate!

“The attempt in recent decades by secularist thinkers to disengage the moral principles of Western Civilization from their scripturally-based religious context, in the assurance that they could live a life of their own as ‘ humanistic ethics,’ has resulted in our ‘cut-flower culture.’ Cut flowers retain their original beauty and fragrance, but only so long as they retain the vitality that they have drawn from now-severed roots. When that is exhausted, they wither and die. So, with freedom, brotherhood, justice, and personal dignity, the values that form the moral foundation of our civilization. Without the life-giving power of the Faith out of which they have sprung, they possess neither meaning nor vitality.” ~ Will Herberg


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David: San Antonio

Tell THIS to the 0bama administration…and see how far it goes.
I live in Texas, so…”Come and take it.”

Dean Weingarten

The ruling did not strike down any Californian law. It struck down the San Diego County rules that are implemented under the Californian law. There are about 11 counties in California that already issue permits on a “shall issue” basis. This ruling just tells San Diego County that it needs to move from “may issue” to “shall issue”.

This is important because California has not standing to appeal this decision, as the State law is not impacted.

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You might check it before carry on.


Being the arbiter of your own life choices is a really “good cause”, especially when it comes to self-defense!