Gun Deaths HYPE: ’20 children hospitalized for gun injuries every day’

JPFO advisor and author Alan Korwin responds to a FOX press release – see the following article intro below and article source link. A much more detailed article is available from the Bearing Arms site.

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Gun Deaths Hype: ’20 children hospitalized for gun injuries every day in US’
Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership
Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership

Washington, DC –-( Published January 27th, 2014. Fox News: Article Source

“A new study from Yale University, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that 7,391 younger patients are hospitalized each year as a result of a firearm injury — and 453 of these patients (around 6 percent) ultimately die from their injuries….. ”

Alan Korwin comments:

This looks like the beginning of the flood of pseudo-science studies, funded by Bloomberg’s billions, which we’ve been warned about by gun-rights experts.

Pediatrics is a known far-left anti-gun-rights propagandist, and Yale is anything but neutral on the gun issue. The “news” release has no context, not even a byline for attribution. If the stats they cite include gang bangers in ghettos, then the “study” is explained and bogus on its face. There is no way to evaluate that from the piece, except that it says most of the numbers are from assaults, probably eliminating true youngsters. True accidents are known to be at all time lows. If the article is calling for long overdue gun-safety training in schools, where ignorance is the order of the day, then it is a welcome relief. Is that the focal point? Doubtful.

The researchers certainly didn’t need hospital stats so that “their findings reveal the need for more education about gun safety in the U.S.” — because there isn’t any. But by saying, “Pediatricians and other health care providers can play an important role in preventing these injuries through counseling about firearm safety, including safe storage,” they are merely promoting Mr. Obama’s new mantra, part of his congressional-bypass executive order to keep all guns unloaded and incapable of operating.

That also seeks, first, to have doctors inquiring about guns in the home, an invasion of privacy and a medical “boundary violation,” since doctors are unqualified to counsel people about guns, it is outside their field of expertise. And second, it advances a slippery democrat agenda that guns are OK as long as they don’t work. Col. Jeff Cooper pointed out that a gun that’s safe isn’t worth anything; guns must be managed to balance their deadly value and need to protect the innocent and the ignorant.

The bottom line is: that this study, if the “news” report is any indication, is anything but scientific and contributes little to our understanding of guns, safety, youth, or what’s really going on at Yale. FOX should be ashamed of itself for such slipshod and incomplete reporting (or rather, reprinting of handed-out press releases), and American academia continues its headlong slide from excellence into irrelevance and agenda-driven worthlessness.

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership Mission is to destroy “gun control” and to encourage Americans to understand and defend all of the Bill of Rights for everyone. Those are the twin goals of Wisconsin-based Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). Founded by Jews and initially aimed at educating the Jewish community about the historical evils that Jews have suffered when they have been disarmed, JPFO has always welcomed persons of all religious beliefs who share a common goal of opposing and reversing victim disarmament policies while advancing liberty for all.

JPFO is a non-profit tax-exempt educational civil rights organization, not a lobby. JPFO’s products and programs reach out to as many segments of the American people as possible, using bold tactics without compromise on fundamental principles. Visit – Copyright JPFO 2011

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Recalling an injury from my childhood, I wonder if this meets the criteria for a child hospitalized for a gun injury. While cocking my BB gun, the lever slammed down on my middle finger. All through my life the injury has not impaired my “self expression” directed toward “gun banners”.


Those numbers are gonna “skyrocket” when they add the number of kids who drop toy guns on their big toe to the count.

chris Rakes

doesn’t the same study also say that, ^) children a day goes to the hospital for shopping cart injuries? i know a local radio talk show said it did


All anybody needs to know is that gun grabbers love to publish “studies” of “children”. The problem with all these “studies” is that their definition of “children” usually means someone in their lower 20s. And when you point that out, they simply smile and say “They’re somebody’s child, aren’t they?”. I discovered this over 30 years ago, when the Brady Bunch was called Handgun, Inc.

So they end up purposely mixing the accidents and suicides of innocents, with the murders of hardened gang banger criminals.