‘Mental-Health’ Gun Bans, Are You Crazy?

Crazy Comfy Gun Owner
Crazy or crazy comfortable, who are we to judge?

PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- Where are the thought police when you need them. Oh. There they are. I can see them.

The lamestream media told you:

The Arizona Republic, Gannett’s #2 rag after USA Today, said, in an editorial, “The mentally ill should not have guns.”

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Can you see where this is going? Crazy people shouldn’t have guns, sure. “Mentally ill” people, that’s a judgment call, not a diagnostic test. How mentally ill is ill enough to start placing people in forbidden zones? Depressed? Angry? Angry a lot? Cursing regularly?

Once you’re in the NICS Index — the federal list of people whose right to keep and bear arms is extinguished — you’re in the forbidden zone with no practical way out. The anti-gun-rights forces want to see that list grow by leaps and bounds. They understand — it’s one effective strategy for taking away all the guns.

“Boy, that guy seems crazy to me,” said one neighbor to another, before calling police and, unknowingly, ruining that man’s life forever. Being sufficiently crazy (or at least charged as such) to make the gun-ban list, removes your right to a lot of things.

Everyone is going to have to walk around deliberately acting “normal,” being careful not to step outside “acceptable” bounds or else people around may start to think you might be “mentally ill.” This massive cultural paranoia can set in, as we all watch each other, scrutinize the person next to you, wonder if he’s thinking thoughts he shouldn’t. Why, just owning a bunch of guns and a modest stockpile of ammo implies you might be crazy.

Who would want to do such a thing? There’s something about Harry…

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All science aside, the “Big Brothers” will say you’re “mentally ill” for not conforming to their idea of what’s “normal”.


Don’t try to declare someone crazy or mentally ill unless you concrete, documented proof!


As I said before, the VA is way ahead of you on this one and hopes to disarm millions of Vets with any mental disability. It doesn’t matter than maybe only 5 of them have ever done anything to have their rights taken away. Just group them all together and that puts us well ahead on Bloomberg and Obama’s gun control road. It is usually the “normal” people who flip out on people, but never mind that.

Charles Nichols

Have you counted the number of posts at CalGuns.nuts where people have asked if the Peruta decision means they can now get a CCW despite their involuntary commitment to a mental institution?



Ahhh welcome to Stepford.

Any mentally ill??? Well that would include just about any politician.