Timney Tavor Trigger Hands on Review & Installation ~ Video

Timney Tavor Trigger
Timney Tavor Trigger
Special Hog Weapons and Tactics
Special Hog Weapons and Tactics

Abilene, Texas –-(Ammoland.com)- It took me 28 seconds to swap my factory original Tavor Trigger out for the brand new Tavor trigger from Timney Triggers.

Editing the video to show how easy it is took a lot longer.

The very fact that Timney and others are producing aftermarket triggers for the Tavor tells us something about America’s embrace of this Israeli bullpup rifle.

Despite what many have derided as a poor trigger, IWI Tavor sales have exceeded expectations. In roughly a year’s time on market, 20,000 have been shipped.

That’s three times their original projection! Almost universally, however, their triggers have been panned as sub-par.

I got a Timney Tavor trigger from the first production batch. Read on, and I’ll walk you through my review and show in a video just how easy replacing your Tavor trigger is.

Read the rest at : http://tiny.cc/irglfx

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david kauwe

My timney trigger is causing my tavor to double tap or shoot two rounds with one trigger pull. It does not happen often but often enough. Ideas?


Examine the second case primer and see if it is a light strike. It may be slam firing the second round. Suggest you don’t fire in a public place with people around some may try to accuse you of full auto. You might try some m855 or other hard primered ammo. If you load your own try cci #41 . If you suspect doubling get some snap caps tipton makes the load 2 snap caps , dry fire holding the trigger , chamber the next snap holding the trigger it should hold the hammer , If it doesnt hammer or… Read more »