‘Brady Bill’ Namesake James Brady Dies at 73

by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

James Brady, with Anti-Gun Maven & Wife Sarah Brady
James Brady, with Anti-Gun Maven & Wife Sarah Brady

National Media Glorifies Him But Gets Story Wrong, Attacks on the Civil Right to Arms to Continue Unabated. Criminal acts still used as leverage to disarm the innocent. Sarah, not Jim, was the real force behind the anti-rights movement.


PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- James Brady, the White House Press Secretary under President Ronald Reagan has died. He was 73. He is being credited with “stunning successes” in the “gun-control” efforts in America.

Brady had been shot in the head with a .22 caliber revolver during an assassination attempt on Reagan in 1981, and was severely incapacitated by the injury. Confined to a wheel chair for the balance of his life, in constant pain and speaking only with extreme difficulty, his ambitious and attractive young wife Sarah was understandably horrified and reportedly turned bitter by the life-changing tragedy.

Continuing a long tradition of spinning gun-related news to fit a set of beliefs instead of conformance with the facts, the “news” media is portraying James Brady as the motive force behind what is now the Brady Center for the Prevention of Gun Violence, formerly the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, formerly the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence Allied with The Million Moms March, formerly the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, formerly Handgun Control, Inc., formerly the National Council to Ban Handguns.

Jim Brady Never Ran The Brady Group
His wife Sarah however was the public face and driving force of the anti-gun-rights movement the entire time, which is common knowledge to everyone in the field. Husband Jim was wheeled out infrequently at selected events, often to thunderous applause, where he would wave weakly, occasionally say a few garbled words, and leave the rest of the activity to his wife and others. He was incapable of much else due to the unfortunate tragedy he endured.

The Brady Bill, technically The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, eventually took control of every firearm sold at retail, not just handguns as originally promoted, thanks to a little noticed clause that took effect in 1998 — five years after the bill’s passage in 1993.

Five-Day “Cooling Off” Period Was Promo, Not Real
The much vaunted five-day waiting (or “cooling off”) period, promoted by the “news” media as the reason for passing the bill, was never a significant part of even the handgun law, never part of the all-firearms bill, and is not part of the bill now.

It was basically used as leverage to pass the bill for those who didn’t read it, and for media promotion. Many people still believe there is a five-day waiting period in the law, even though there isn’t now and effectively never was. The “news” media has done little or nothing to clarify the point, leaving the public with the same false impression, 21 years later.

Some states have enacted their own waiting periods of differing lengths and conditions. The ‘holy grail‘ of waiting periods, a long sought after goal of anti-gun-rights activists, has been abandoned, left on the dust heap of history. It eventually became obvious, even to die-hard activists, that it was illogical to sell guns to dangerous people and the furiously angry, and then hope they remain calm for the rest of their lives after a five-day wait to get armed. See “Whatever Happened To Waiting Periods For Guns?”

Rights Denied With No Due Process
Although “news” reports are promoting a factoid, presented with no corroboration, that the Brady bill has prevented two million gun transfers from taking place, there is no evidence that the bill has prevented any criminals from arming themselves. Isn’t that the goal?

In fact, criminals in America are known to be heavily armed despite every law on the books banning such activity. In that sense, the Brady bill is an abject failure, but at least it is enormously expensive and provides massive employment for law-enforcement officials and the NICS background-check center in West Virginia.

What the two-million figure actually represents, if the number is correct, is people denied their right to obtain firearms, without due process, a court hearing, submission of evidence, representation of counsel, or a decent appeals process, though there is an administrative process which leads to frequent reversals due to bad records, name similarities and plain old government snafus, unmentioned in “news” reports.

How many should truly be denied firearms for cause is unknown and uninvestigated.

In other words, the public’s “specific, enumerated right” (District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570, 628 n.27 (2008) to keep and bear arms, is banned under the Brady bill by bureaucrats and a computer, without immediate or easy redress. How many of the two million are real criminals trying to buy guns who should be arrested for it? That’s been studied. Virtually none, at astronomical cost, easily googled. This is the “success” the media splashes in our faces. For shame.

Brady Gave FBI Centralized Control Over The Public
The main tangible result of the Brady bill was to authorize more than $250 million initially, with unknown subsequent funding, for the FBI to build its long-desired centralized computer center in Clarksburg, W. Va., from which it could check out any American from a single location. With funding unavailable for years, the furor over “gun control” provided the final impetus to construct the huge campus that houses the NICS center that performs background checks on every new gun sold in America.

Its other uses are a closely guarded secret.

The FBI’s NICS center is the largest retail-control system of any kind in the world, keeping tabs, in real time, of sales nationwide of a consumer product. It now handles an average of more than a million requests a month. See a diagram of how it works here: http://www.gunlaws.com/images/nicsbig.gif

NICS Flow Chart
NICS Flow Chart

The system is capable of turning off gun sales nationally — or regionally — at the flip of a switch, and has done so repeatedly, on “a trial basis,” for “scheduled maintenance,” and “unexpected outages,” even during busy holiday-buying seasons, or during weekend gun shows, for days at a time.

National Gun Registration System Can’t Be Confirmed
Although the system isn’t supposed to maintain a list of gun buyers, which is banned by federal law (FOPA, 1986, and the Brady bill itself), when originally built, Janet Reno, the attorney general under whose authority it was constructed, claimed at the time the computer was incapable of deleting records, to the shock of many observers. She later recanted, and said it would delete records within six months.
She recanted again, after Congressional outrage, and said records would be deleted quickly. Ten sets of backups are deleted in sequence, according to an FBI spokesperson contacted at the SHOT Show, to protect the integrity of the system. The results of record checks performed outside the system, to foreign sources, are unclear. No audit trail is known, and the FBI, which runs the system, assures Congress and the public that it runs the system within the confines of the law. An insider has assured me this is true.

Sarah Brady was not reached for comment. As she has aged, and the group has matured, her activity with the organization has reportedly decreased.

Alan Korwin, the author of this and countless similar articles, simply asks that you click this link, look at the books and DVDs he and his associates have produced, and get something good for yourself to help keep you safe, informed, and so he can continue his work. Do you have the gun laws for your state? Have you read up on gun-fight tactics or gun policies lately? Could you be a more effective advocate for your rights? Do you want to DO something already? http://www.gunlaws.com/books.htm

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33 years after being shot Brady’s death is now being ruled a homicide. If that’s the case, President Reagan’s death was an assassination?

john Carr

I’m sure Brady was was a good person, but just imagine how much better things would be if he had died when he was shot. RIP

ray hampton

was brady funeral casket haul by 6 white horses


How soon will Brady be canonized as the patron saint of ‘Gun Control’?

Bob Shell

I am sure that Brady was a decent man but a fraud was put upon the public as being a law that made us safer named after him. I would not want a bad law named after me in any regard. However he was manipulated by his wife. Nothing is further from the truth. Sarah Brady like Giffords was in it for the money. They bothy did well financully by lying about gun laws being effective. In fact Giffords & her other half are doing quite well financully by pushing thire fraud. There is no other name for it. Gun… Read more »


In case some idiots out there still don’t get it, gun laws are not written to disarm criminals, just legal gun owners. The people who have broken no laws or committed no crimes.


James Brady was similar to Gabby Giffords in that they were both shot by madmen and left mentally diminished. There handlers were/are anti-gun zealots,tyrannists who used that disability to further own agenda ! Prior to his shooting James Brady would never had advocated for disarming Americans or infringing on the 2A !