Utah Shooting Sports Council Successes Pave the Way for SAF Cleaning Up Gun Laws

Anti-tyranny Rally supporters Utah Capitol
Michelle Arnold of Magna holds a flag that reads “The 2nd Ammendment: America’s Original Homeland Security.” The Pro Gun, Pro Constitution, Anti-tyranny Rally supporters gathered on the Utah Capitol south steps on the anniversary of Patriots Day, Friday, April 19, 2014. Image Leah Hogsten | Salt Lake Tribune file photo.
Utah Shooting Sports Council
Utah Shooting Sports Council

Utah – -(Ammoland.com)- You may have seen the story in the Salt Lake Tribune describing the good work by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) in challenging Utah counties and cities over gun laws which may be in violation of the Utah Constitution and Utah’s “pre-emption” laws.

In response to SAF demands, several more cities and counties are revising or repealing anti-gun restrictions. Utah Shooting Sports Council (USSC) and its supporters applaud this good work.

As you might remember, USSC did a massive, but quiet, review with many political entities in the state in 2012, led by USSC Director Brent Tenney, which resulted in many of the prohibited local laws being quietly repealed. This current effort by the SAF is most welcome, and even better, is part of a program doing the same thing in at least seven other states, most of whom have never been challenged at all.

The Second Amendment Foundation is the most important group fighting for gun rights in the courts, winning groundbreaking cases including Heller vs. District of Columbia (twice!), and McDonald vs. City of Chicago, plus numerous other follow-up cases. They are steadily rolling back the infringements on gun rights which have accumulated over several decades, often working with the NRA which tends to concentrate more on legislative and training issues.

Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation

Utah Shooting Sports Council congratulates and thanks Second Amendment Foundation Chairman Alan Gottlieb and his legal team for their good work, and welcomes them to Utah working on the same goals as USSC.

Tribune story on SAF


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