Who Are Rio Grande Custom Grips?

A Short Success Story…

Rio Grande Custom Grips White
Who Are Rio Grande Custom Grips?
Rio Grande Custom Grips
Rio Grande Custom Grips

Brighton, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Rio Grande Custom Grips of Brighton, Colorado, produces a line of unique, beautiful and tough-as-nails handgun grips and knife handles with a variety of embedded art images and messages.

Rio Grande also produces any custom grip image individuals, organizations or companies request. www.riograndecustomgrips.com

Rio Grande Custom Grips uses a patented technology to do its clever, artsy work for handgun grips and knife handles. In fact, the relatively small size of handguns means that the grips are about the only thing that can be dressed up or personalized and even be visible, especially when the gun is holstered. For example, people rarely mention the shiny nickle finish on General Patton's revolvers but they do remember the ivory grips.

Almost any image can be done by Rio Grande, even family coats of arms

Rio Grande Custom Grips was officially founded in 2008, but work on the company and the grip project began in earnest in 2006. The players and now-key executives are Dale Ayars and Bryan Chambers. Both Dale and Bryan are avid outdoorsmen and both grew up fishing and hunting in the streams and mountains of Colorado.

Dale grew up on a Colorado ranch, attended Colorado State University and earned his BS degree with an emphasis in engineering and business. Over the years, Dale worked in manufacturing, engineering and, fortuitously, the field of polymer resins (the primary material of Rio Grande Custom Grips).

Bryan grew up on a potato farm in southern Colorado near the Rio Grande River, hence the name for the company. Bryan also earned his undergraduate degree from Colorado State University, in mechanical engineering and worked for several years in product decoration in the hunting and camouflage industry. Bryan spent his spare time in middle school and high school competing in small bore rifle competition; in college, he competed in sporting clays events.

So what do a couple of firearms and outdoor-loving engineer types with diverse backgrounds in camouflage and product patterning and resin technologies do? They join forces and combine their backgrounds with some savvy business planning and create the most unique-looking firearm grips in the world.

Rio Grande Custom Compact 1911 Red Dragon RioGrips
Rio Grande Custom Compact 1911 Red Dragon RioGrips

Both guys enjoy the company of the other and that can be rare at times in a joint business venture; we probably should also mention that Bryan married Dale's daughter! Yikes, a father-in-law/son-in-law business venture and they still get along, and not only that, they are prospering with their wide variety of in-stock grip images and the ability to customize and embed almost any image into knife handles, revolver and pistol grips and the guys are creating new handgun models, grip textures and images continuously.

Rio Grande's custom grips are now recognized and sold around the world thanks to their beautiful and unique looks. The precise method for their amazing construction is a closely held secret; other companies have been looking, but then again, existing patents and pending patents will legally keep the process for the world's best-looking and most unique grips an exclusive Rio Grande Custom Grip offering for years to come.

Rio Grande Custom Grips
11151 E. 151st Place
Brighton, Colorado
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