You Might Be A Gun Control Activist If…

Gun Control Activist
You Might Be A Gun Control Activist If…
Tom McHale, Author of Insanely Practical Guide Books
Tom McHale, Author of Insanely Practical Guide Books

USA – Are you a gun control activist? How do you know when you have crossed that line from patriotic citizen to freedom hating wacko bent on taking away everyone’s rights?

Well, I have complied a list of “You Thinks” that if you find yourself agreeing with, you can be pretty darn sure your a Gun banner.

You might be a gun control activist if…


You think that the FBI has fudged crime statistics data for the past 20 years because Wayne LaPierre takes them out for CiCi’s pizza every Tuesday.

You think Shannon watts makes a lot of sense if people would just listen to her.

You think that Shannon could deliver her message more effectively if she talked slow and loud, like you do when visiting foreign countries.

You’ve had a pot luck supper at Michael Bloomberg’s house.

You’ve smoked pot with Michael Bloomberg.

You’ve ever said “If it could save just one life…

Gun Expert
Gun Expert

You’ve never used the phrase “If it could save just one life” when it comes to drunk driving, swimming pool drownings, or car accidents.

You’ve ever uttered the words “If it could save just one life” while drinking a glass of wine by your swimming pool.

You believe that Wayne LaPierre funnels all the NRA membership dues to a secret account in the Cayman Islands.

You’re convinced that law abiding citizens, who take a class, submit fingerprints, get probed by the FBI and wait months for a permit, are the root cause of drive by shootings.

You have to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans are more of a threat than nuclear weapons, terrorism and the unchecked spread of Shake Weight use.

You think armed security is fine for people who are important enough.

You have armed security. Because you’re just like me. Only a little better.

You believe that rib-eye steaks are grown hydroponically in a back room of the Safeway store.

You believe that little Mikey Bloomberg knows more about gun safety than people who actually own them.

You believe the founding fathers got into a major shooting war to protect our deer hunting rights.

That millions of Americans who knew how to shoot didn’t make all that much difference when it came to winning World Wars I and II…. Everyone knows the French turned the tide in our favor.

You think that the federal government giving guns to Mexican drug lords is not newsworthy, but teaching kids about gun safety is dangerous.

You believe that no one around you in your day-to-day travels is carrying a gun. Because you don’t.

You believe magazine bans will work because, when a gun is fired, the magazines get all used up.

You believe that NRA, with 5 million dues-paying members, doesn’t represent the majority opinion, while a rich guy from New York with a Napoleon complex and a couple dozen paid groupies, does.

You believe that Riker’s Island inmates are more scared of “No guns allowed” signs than clowns, Freddie Kreuger or Rosie O’Donnell.

You Might Be A Gun Control Activist If...
You Might Be A Gun Control Activist If…

You would rather die unarmed, and leave your family on their own, than use a gun to defend yourself. Because morally superior.

You choose not to remember that the biggest, baddest assault weapons in existence were owned by private citizens when the 2nd Amendment was written.

You’ve ever used the term “assault weapon.”

You think that the word “militia” means the National Guard.

You’ve never been mugged.

You’ve ever cited the New York Times, or Mother Jones as a source. For anything except take-out restaurant reviews.

You believe you are 937 times more likely to die by spontaneous combustion or killer bunions if you have a gun in your home.

You often make pronouncements about what other people “need” and “don’t need.

You really believe our kids are safe by putting a no guns sign on the school door.

You’ve ever used the term “gun violence” or “gun crime

You pretend not to hear when someone tells you that violent crime is at its lowest level in the past 100 years.

You think that the people with the least amount of relevant knowledge have all the great ideas.


Did I miss any other signs? If so please leave yours in the comments below.


gun control meetings
These are how the meetings go at gun control groups.


Tom McHale is the author of the Insanely Practical Guides book series that guides new and experienced shooters alike in a fun, approachable, and practical way. His books are available in print and eBook format on Amazon. You can also find him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Since the anti gunterds have never compromised in the last 6 decades steve, they have 6 decades of GIVING UP SOME OF THE RIGHTS THEY VALUE befor we give up any more, that sounds reasonable!


Everything you know about guns you learned from a Liam Neeson movie.


If you are completely unaware of South v. Maryland or the more than 20 other decisions that absolve the government of any responsibility for the protection of individuals.


I have to agree with Steve. We do need to educate the masses.

A Vet

Here is a good one: “If you believe events where gun control laws are ignored creates a logical platform for implementing more gun control laws.”


…if you don’t allow pro-gun rights people to exercise their right to free speech at your rallies


…if you listen to the “Gabby and Mark Show” on a regular basis.
…if you believe crimminals obey “gun free zone” signs…or any law, for that matter.
…if you are a member of Moms Demand Action
…if you consider yourself to be “progressive” and “liberal”
…if you think the Constitution is “outdated”
And the list goes on…and on…and on.


Steve I’d like you to explain what the antigun people are sacrificing when we compromise with them. We, the progun side are sacrificing our right to keep and bear arms uninfringed. We are giving up our freedom and liberty. What are the antigunners bringing to the table? Nothing! They aren’t giving up anything. So it isn’t a compromise. They are incrementally taking away our right to keep and bear arms and ignorant people like you call it “compromise”. You’re playing right into their hands. The antigun community have no plan to stop until the second amendment is destroyed and every… Read more »


Never give in to any antigun agenda , not even compromise as anything you give will be lost forever. NY ,NJ , CA ,CT,MA are all taking rights and making victims . Also I believe they are afraid of an armed tax revolution. The 5 worst offenders have some of the highest taxes in the world.


For those people which think compromise is the answer, I have a question. How has it worked so far??? Maybe this is another way to “You might be a gun control activist” question to ask. The intent of compromise is worthwhile, just the execution is the problem. So far, compromise has given us an open border, the first amnesty, with millions of illegals following the lies of the Dems, Obamacare, Obama’s version of peace in the Middle East, the list goes on and on. Every one of the firearms laws we currently are burden with, were some form of compromise,… Read more »

Silas Longshot

There have been ‘experiments’ where anti-gun freak libs have been talked into firing a handgun, at a range. Surprisingly, an average 2 of the five actually liked the experience, 2 said it was OK, but not for them…..then of course the one…well they just absolutely freaked. Sadly, there is neither time nor the money required to run every liberal in the nation thru such a program.

ray hampton

Kentucky Motto is ” united we stand, divide we will fall
do not compromise in any form


if you believe that gays sex is morally great and packing each others @#$% is ideal,,,,,anyone thinks it is then they are just as sick…… man nor woman was made in gods own image,,, there’s no heaven,,,, you can live without food and water,,, well non of that’s good.. so having guns is our rights and our tools to survival… only the sheep follows… I control my own life for me and only me I will not be a sheep or the ground that sh*t falls upon… I am the leader of my own I will not allow anyone to… Read more »

Casual Observer

You think it is illegal to own a tank. (You can they’re just really expensive.) Or, you have ever compared owning an AR-15 to owning a nuclear bomb.


Steve, I have to disagree. Progunners have let antigunners get their way for decades, trying to compromise. ending up where we are now. Compromise is not in the antigunner lexicon. They will not rest, give up any gains, or surrender anything until they have achieved their goals. Namecalling, lying, distortions, insults, and outrage are the only real tactics they have, because they refuse to listen to anything like facts or reason, and just deny anything they do not like. Compromise is appeasement.


Piss off a liberal gungrabber whenever,where ever you see one of them piss ants !


The first question I ask them: Do you support the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? They invariably say “Yes”. Second question is: Do you know what “Shall not be infringed” means? Usually silence follows. Last Thanksgiving there was quite a gathering and as another guy and I sat at a table a friend and known Liberal,woman,sat down and started right off with, “We’ve got to get rid of those Assault Weapons!” Both of us responded with, “Which ones are “those”? She quickly said,”You know, the big ones”. I said,”That is a response based on total ignorance”. Flumuxed, she got… Read more »


it will take compromise…..not every ‘liberal’ hates guns and and not every pro weapon person loves the NRA…….dividing into to 2 teams only gets nothing accomplished just like our government. united we stand ..divided we WILL fall. forget the two teams , forget the libs and conserves….how about the just right and the wrong….everyone who doesn’t agree with you isn’t necessarily an idiot. Talking to people and presenting your ideas about guns in a positive manner will educate people far faster than spewing macho ‘my way or the hiway’ rhetoric.


MY personal favorite;
Banning spoons would stop people from getting FAT!