CSGV Crying About ‘Mean Tweeters’ Did You Make The Cut?

By Tred Law

CSGV Crying About 'Mean Tweeters' Did You Make The Cut?
CSGV Crying About ‘Mean Tweeters’ Did You Make The Cut?
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- You will get a kick out of this one, maybe you even made the list.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” also know as “National Coalition To Ban Handguns” and also best known as CSGV, has published a video where they have the paid talking heads from CSGV read what they consider “Mean Tweets” followed with comments.

Out of context these tweets are funny, but even more funny is that CSGV does not dispute some of the accusations, in fact even agreeing in some cases.

Props go out to the following ‘Gun Bullies’ for making the cut. Be sure and congratulate and follow these social media civil rights warriors on Twitter:

  • Sean D Sorrentino aka: @sdsorrentino – (they featured 3 of his tweets) https://twitter.com/sdsorrentino
  • SD Wheeler aka: @SD_Wheeler – https://twitter.com/SD_Wheeler
  • Cosmoscon aka: @gdthomp01 – https://twitter.com/gdthomp01
  • Kurt Hofmann aka: @45superman – https://twitter.com/45superman
  • Scottish Cracker aka: @beepx22 – https://twitter.com/beepx22
  • Bob Owens aka: @bob_owens – https://twitter.com/bob_owens and www.bearingarms.com
  • CR Williams aka: @CRWilliams00 – https://twitter.com/CRWilliams00
  • Minutemaniac aka: @Minutemaniac – https://twitter.com/Minutemaniac
  • GunRightsAcrAmerica aka: @GRAAmerica – https://twitter.com/GRAAmerica
  • THE GUN WIRE® BLOG aka: @thegunwire – https://twitter.com/thegunwire
  • Sir Simon Milligan aka: @LiberalMyopia – https://twitter.com/LiberalMyopia

I guess @AmmoLand will have to work harder to make it in the next report of “Mean Tweets” but if our readers want to give it a go you can find CSGV on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CeasefireUSA, tell them their “Friends” at AmmoLand sent you.

Watch the video below and give some support to AmmoLand’s video advertisers, as well as a few laughs.

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Sounds like they can ‘dish’ it out, but can’t take it.