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Make Ready with Dave Spaulding - Concealed Pistol Combat
Make Ready with Dave Spaulding – Concealed Pistol Combat
Panteao Productions
Panteao Productions

Columbia, SC -( Panteao is proud to release another instructional video from Dave Spaulding: Make Ready with Dave Spaulding: Concealed Combat Pistol.

Concealed Combat Pistol from Dave Spaulding prepares you for carrying a firearm for self-defense in a straight forward, no nonsense approach that Dave is famous for. Dave is a professional firearms instructor with 36 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Federal Security including patrol, crime scene investigations, court security, violent and property crime investigations, undercover/surveillance operations, SWAT, training and dignitary protection.

In this video, Dave discusses the combative mind and reviews modes of dress, closed and open front garments, seated shooting, critical space shooting, pocket pistols, skill development, gear and handgun options, and more.

The DVD is available for pre-order. Panteao Subscribers can watch the video online starting August 27th.

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