Rob Pincus Releases DVD on Advanced Skill Development Drills

Rob Pincus Releases DVD on Advanced Skill Development Drills

Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training
Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training

St. Augustine, FL –-( Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the developer of the Combat Focus Shooting Program recently released a new DVD in the Personal Firearm Defense Network series that cover many topics about the fundamentals of personal and home defense.

Advanced Skill Development Drills” is for someone who has mastered the fundamentals in basic skill development. This high energy DVD is spent developing detailed skills that will prepare for defensive shooting situations. These long awaited DVDs, as well as others in the Personal Firearm Defense Network series, can be found on the I.C.E. Training store, powered by Dgg Tactical Supply

About I.C.E. Training Company

I.C.E. Training is a full service company offering training to armed professionals and those interested in self-defense. I.C.E. is owned and operated by Rob Pincus, the developer of the COMBAT FOCUS® Shooting program and The Personal Defense Video DVD Series. I.C.E. offers training in firearms, tactics and unarmed defense as well as consulting services for range operations, instructor development and training program management. For more information about I.C.E. Training Company, visit

About Personal Defense Network

The Personal Defense Network® (PDN) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TN Marketing, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. PDN is focused on providing high-quality personal defense video content on the Internet, offering professional instruction to those serious about arming themselves for defense in every aspect of their lives. The Personal Defense Network produces The Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series and has shipped more than 5 million DVDs since 2006. For additional information visit

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