Sen. Harry Reid Falls from His Throne; House Reinforced with Pro-Gunners

Sen. Harry Reid Falls from His Throne; House Reinforced with Pro-Gunners
Sen. Harry Reid Falls from His Throne; House Reinforced with Pro-Gunners
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( As you have no doubt heard, Republicans successfully took control the U.S. Senate last night, and in the process, dethroned one of the most anti-gun Majority Leader’s in the history of the Upper Chamber.

As of now, the Republicans hold a 53-seat majority, although they may gain another seat in Louisiana.

Voters across the United States stood against President Barack Obama’s policies and, in doing so, have elected candidates who will stand up for the Second Amendment.
We now have more new pro-gun Senators and Congressmen heading to Capitol Hill to aid as reinforcements in the battle to protect our right to keep and bear arms.

GOA’s Political Victory Fund was proud to endorse a number of these new pro-gun Senators — men and women who will stand up for the Second Amendment and for the freedom of firearms ownership.

Alaska, Montana, Colorado, Arkansas, Iowa, and Nebraska Get New Pro-Gun Senators

Dan Sullivan defeated anti-gunner Mark Begich in Alaska after a tight race in which many thought Begich was sure to win.

Dan received an “A” rating from GOA because he supports good pro-gun legislation such as the right to carry — and opposes gun control measures like the so-called “assault weapons” ban and universal background checks.

Former Sen. Mark Begich was “D” rated with GOA. Among his many anti-gun votes were his support for anti-gun Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Both are rabidly anti-gun and are now serving permanent positions on the Supreme Court — thanks, in part, to Begich. Many Court watchers expect that over the next two years, there will almost certainly be at least one new Supreme Court Justice nominated by President Obama.

In Montana, former Rep. Steve Daines cruised to victory, easily beating his anti-gun opponent, Amanda Curtis, by a margin of 57—40. Anti-gun Sen. John Walsh decided not to run for reelection after he was caught up in a plagiarism scandal.
GOA endorsed Steve early in his campaign and worked closely with him during his tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has proven himself to be a staunch Second Amendment supporter, and he will bring a much needed pro-gun vote and leadership to the Senate.

After spending months being trashed in the media and being told he had no chance at winning, Rep. Cory Gardner defeated Sen. Mark Udall in Colorado, as the residents of the Centennial State fired their one term incumbent.

As Senator, Udall joined other Democrats by voting for the anti-gun Sotomayor and Kagan as Justices to the Supreme Court. Not only that, he voted with anti-gun President Obama 99% of the time and was endorsed by the anti-gun (former) New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In contrast, Cory Gardner has been a stalwart defender of the Second Amendment while serving in Congress, and now that he is serving in the U.S. Senate, Colorado gun owners have one pro-gun Senator they can depend on.

In Arkansas, anti-gun Senator Mark Pryor tumbled to defeat as the voters in his state threw their support behind Rep. Tom Cotton. Tom has been a Second Amendment advocate in Congress, co-sponsoring national concealed carry reciprocity and H.R. 35, which would repeal the gun free school zones ban.

During his tenure in the Senate, Mark Pryor consistently voted against the rights of law-abiding gun owners. For example, he voted for a veteran’s gun ban (in 2013) that would send a person to prison for 15 years for selling a firearm to a veteran, without realizing that he was one of the 175,000-plus military veterans who was put into the NICS system for PTSD.

Tom Cotton ran on constitutional principles and on his sound voting record, which helped him defeat the heavily-entrenched Pryor by 17 points.

When longtime anti-gunner Sen. Tom Harkin decided he would not seek reelection in 2014, Second Amendment advocates breathed a sigh of relief. Although, most pundits assumed that his equally anti-gun House counterpart, Bruce Braley, would crush any competition in the race and become Iowa’s next Senator.

But State Senator Joni Ernst threw her hat into the ring and emerged out of a crowded primary field earlier this year. Boasting a pro-gun voting record while in the Iowa State Senate, Joni used the last two months of the campaign to steadily gain ground on Bradley, eventually taking the lead in the polls and winning by 8.5 points.

In Nebraska, Ben Sasse comfortably defeated Dave Domina by more than 30 points once the race was called. GOA endorsed Ben early on in his primary, given that he has put forward a strong pro-gun message.

After cruising to victory on Election Day, Ben will now head to Washington, D.C., to join fellow pro-gun Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer in the fight to protect our God-given Second Amendment rights.

Victory in the House: Pro-gun Message Carries Candidates to Success

Victory wasn’t limited to the U.S. Senate only. GOA also endorsed numerous non-incumbent candidates running in open seats or against anti-gun incumbents.

These new pro-gun U.S. House members include:

  • Ken Buck in CO-04
  • Jody Hice in GA-10
  • Dave Brat in VA-07
  • Alex Mooney WV-02
  • Rob Blum in IA-01
  • Steve Knight in CA-25
  • Frank Guinta in NH-01
  • Lee Zeldin in NY-01

Many, many other pro-gun House incumbents also won their reelection campaigns, and GOA looks forward to our continued relationship with their offices.

It is paramount that solid constitutional Members maintain a strong presence in the House to keep Speaker Boehner and the Republican Leadership accountable. Gaining these eight new pro-gun representatives will provide much needed reinforcements to the pro-Second

Amendment congressmen who are already there.

After spending millions of dollars spewing lies to the American public, Michael Bloomberg and the gun control movement lost heavily this election cycle. (His one notable victory took place in Washington State, but even that battle showed the weakness of the anti-gun movement.) The myth that running a campaign supporting the Second Amendment evaporated at the polls.

Anti-gun incumbents repeatedly were met with defeat as their pro-gun counterparts crushed them, often times by double digit percentage points.
GOA will now focus efforts on holding these men and women accountable as they serve the citizens who sent them to Capitol Hill to protect this country and uphold their constitutional oath.

Please help Gun Owners of America with a generous contribution so that we can continue to fight President Obama and make sure that the gun control movement doesn’t gain more ground.

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About:Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul Visit: to Join.

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Wayne Morgan

Well we worked hard, talked a lot of politics and donated money to make this happen. I just hope that these Ladies and Gentlemen stick to the plan and see it through to the end . In the process hold Obama’s feet to the fire every time every he tries to pull a short cut. NO MErCY! It’s time for this BS to STOP! And to wind things up’ I am not a racist, however I do treat people with the same respect and kindness that they show me. That being said it’s time to round up all the border… Read more »


Reid knew how to use power. He simply shut down the Republicans. So how does the new majority leader plan to operate? Right away in his win speech on the 4th he started talking compromise with the Dems. The dumb son-of-a-bitch does not get it nor do other Republicans. We did not vote these people like we did for them to play kiss ass with the enemy. Just for once it would be nice to see the Republicans play under Democrat/liberal tactics. All they need to do is put bills under the nose of Obama and watch what happens. Also… Read more »


Reid simply put all GOP bills in a hopper from whence they never again saw the light of day. He was Obam’s wingman, protecting Obame from any harm/bad publicity. A total Lackey. Like so many Dems. Obama ruled the Dem Party, threatening many threats if any one did not fall in line, and they pretty much all did fall inline like skating ducks in a row. Senators, Congressmen, ladies, Governators. Will the Repubs like wise?


“Now, the Shoe In On the Other Foot.” If the Republicans can’t deliver, what they promised. The American People, are going too see for the FRAUDS that they are.


GOOD ! The communist SOB had it coming !

john Carr

I think he is more SOB than communist . Then again I think you are right. The main thing is he is history.
Good bye Harry. We will miss you “NOT”.


Control of the Senate also means Holder won’t be a Supreme Court Nominee. Might be held accountable for Fast and Furious.

Wishful Thinking

Eric Holder will not be appointed to the Supreme Court because of the recent elections? WISHFUL THINKING! I am afraid that Obama will do all sorts of things with his now unleashed power of he President, as he has little disincentive, and because he is such an arrogant egoman who can do not wrong and because it is the Right thing to do not the left thing to do. Illegal immigrants? Is there some indivisible parson of national prominence who is pushing to make 16 million illegals legal? Why? It is another non-issue distraction. Would Mr. O actually try to… Read more »