SURE-LOC Lethal Weapon Red with Retina Lock

Five-axis adjustability and Retina Lock Technology

SURE-LOC Lethal Weapon Red with Retina Lock
SURE-LOC Lethal Weapon Red with Retina Lock

Superior, WI -( If you want a durable, dependable hunting sight with unbeatable quality and design that you can use in all weather conditions and in intense hunting situations, look no further than the new SURE-LOC Lethal Weapon RED with Retina Lock.

SURE-LOC, the industry leader in competitive archery sights, has added a new Lethal Weapon to its arsenal of hunting sights. The sophisticated technology of the Retina Lock provides instant feedback at a glance that will identify even the slightest torque or change in anchor point.

This feedback will enforce proper form, build confidence, and most importantly, dramatically extend your effective range. Additionally, the Lethal Weapon RED with Retina Lock features 5-axis micro adjustments and micro adjustable pins that can be moved either individually or as a group. The Lethal Weapon RED with Retina Lock’s micro windage adjustments and extended elevation adjustments allow for more precise settings, making this sight even more accurate. Laser-engraved indicator marks on the adjustments provide instant visual references, so you never doubt your sight settings.

The MicroLock pins are fully enclosed in stainless steel tubes and built with stack tight technology for use with newer, faster bows. The new Lethal Weapon RED sight housing is built to protect fiber optics and to accommodate the SURE-LOC light to increase pin visibility during low light conditions.

SURE-LOC Lethal Weapon RED with Retina Lock Features:

  • Retina Lock Technology
  • Five-axis micro adjustability
  • Gravity drop adjustment
  • 3rd axis adjustment
  • Micro adjustable windage and elevation (.002” increments)
  • Micro adjustable pins (.0015” increments)
  • Reversible windage offset
  • Quiver compatible mount
  • Built-in 8mm sight level
  • Pins enclosed in stainless steel tubes
  • Stack tight pins (.019)
  • MicroLock pins
  • 6” adjustable extension
  • Available in right & left hand models
  • Includes SURE-LOC Sight Light
  • MSRP: 5-pin – $419.99
  • MSRP: 7-pin – $439.99

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