2015 Tactical Gun Girls Wall Calendar

2015 Tactical Gun Girls Wall Calendar
2015 Tactical Gun Girls Wall Calendar: http://goo.gl/MLvTXG
HBL Productions
HBL Productions

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The Tactical Girls 2015 Gun Calendar starts in January of 2015 and brings you thirteen months of beautiful women with some of the world’s most exotic weaponry in realistic tactical settings.

Includes weapon specifications and trivia from military, law enforcement and firearms history.

The 2015 Tactical Girls Calendar ( goo.gl/MLvTXG)  includes the Drake Stalker .50 BMG Sniper Rifle, the Kel-Tec RFB Battle Rifle, and the FNP-45 Tactical Pistol.

2015 Tactical Gun Girls Wall Calendar
2015 Tactical Gun Girls Wall Calendar: http://goo.gl/MLvTXG

Also a first for this year, we have an AT4 Anti-Tank Weapon!

These, along with a variety of assault rifles, pistols and sniper rifles, all with gorgeous models in realistic settings.

A perfect Holiday gift for the Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Police Officer, Shooting Enthusiast, Hunter, Airsoft Player or History buff on your list.

Fill that 2 foot square empty space on your Man Cave, garage, barracks or tent wall with 13 months of Girls and Guns.

10% of the print run of this calendar is donated to deployed soldiers and organizations that support them, notably AmericanSnipers.org

Make a great Christmas gift for the gun guy in your life: Available on Amazon: http://goo.gl/MLvTXG

2015 Tactical Gun Girls Wall Calendar
2015 Tactical Gun Girls Wall Calendar: http://goo.gl/MLvTXG


About HBL Productions:

We specialize in promotional advertising using product placement that creates buzz, maximizes exposure and most importantly is capable of generating sufficient revenue to pay for itself.

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b. young

Apparently few have been to the beach in the last hundred years, that can be sleazy! . This is a great calendar and I showed it to my wife and daughter and they didn’t think it was sleazy at all and wanted to know why I didn’t buy them that $10,000-$20,000 gear each model had! Obliviously “brain winters” is a anti-gun troll using the the ol’ “neenderthal knuckle draggers who want to attack women” comment(he can’t spell Neanderthal either). He has few mental issues that need to be addressed by a mental health care professional regardless of whether he has… Read more »


Yeah, one would think that a guy with all those daughters and nieces would be old enough to remember Ursula Andress walking up the beach with nothing on but a bikini and a dive knife. Sleazy??? Nope. Smokin’??? Yup. Besides, what “knuckle dragging neanderthal” would be so stupid as to attack a woman, no matter how scantily clad, who is holding an AR-15 and has a side arm and a tac knife. I predict a stuffed and mounted one.

brian winters

As father to 3 daughters and uncle to four nieces I do not support such calendars. I admire beautiful women as much as any many.I think however that such calendars show gun owners in the worst light. Many on the other side see gun owners as neanderthal knuckle draggers who want to attack women. I know many new gun owners are women and urban does this help our cause any?


What are you two…cold blooded? Any Red Blood American Male finds this Pics GREAT..!!! The only thing I find sleazy is your comment! I support these Calendar…make another one next year..PLEASE!


Too bad the girls and poses look so trashy. The combination of hot girls and hot guns could have made for a great calendar.

Dr. Strangelove

Right. Too sleazy.