Shooting Club Pres: Opportunists Using Sandy Hook to Push Every Conceivable Gun Cntrl

By AWR Hawkins

Sandy Hook Grieving
Shooting Club Pres: Opportunists Using Sandy Hook to Push Every Conceivable Gun Control Angle
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Amid the renewed push for gun control sparked by the second anniversary of Sandy Hook, Louisiana Shooting Association president Daniel Zelenka argues that the heinous attack on the school has become a catch-all for opportunists seeking the passage of their pet gun control measures.

He says the attack was transformed into a catch-all shortly after it happened and that gun control failed at the federal level because the laws introduced in the wake of Sandy Hook had nothing to do with Sandy Hook, nor would they have stopped the attack on the school.

“The gun control effort that has popped up since Newtown has been largely unsuccessful because no law which they support would have even the slightest chance of preventing another Newtown-like tragedy,” Zelenka said, according to the Times-Picayune.

He also spoke about the demands made by Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety:

“California has passed every single gun control law on Everytown’s wish list and then some. None of these laws had the least effect on the Santa Barbara shooter. He complied with every one, then engaged in criminal activity.”

Zelenka is referencing Santa Barbara gunman Elliot Rodger who went through background checks for his firearm purchases, then registered his guns with the state government, then obeyed the ban on “high capacity” magazines–using only magazines that held 10 rounds or less. But none of these laws prevented or even hindered his May 23 attack.

In light of gun control’s ineffectiveness against crime, Zelenka argues that the only thing it succeeds in doing is to “discourage gun ownership, i.e., to discourage the exercise of a constitutional right.” 

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How about blame the parents and our society who raise kid to think they are not responsible instead of the weapons they use.It is always someone or something else’s fault.

William M Durham

I find it very interesting that these people always want to blame the weapon not the individual who committed the crime. Why is that? It is because they refuse to acknowledge that their little Johnny or Susie who had AHAD/AAAD or any of these alphabet style mental illnesses are really sick and a possible danger to themselves and others and should be treated that way by Doctors and authorities. Their refusal to acknowledge that THEIR child has dangerous mental instability is the primary reason for these problems. Mental illness in a child is sad BUT still mental illness that can… Read more »

Dr. Wilson

What this story and nearly all stories on Sand Hook leave out is this…The Sand Hook School was closed 4 years before this false event even took place! There was NO Teachers or Children at this closed school..PERIOD! I spoke with and individual that lived just down the road from the school and confirmed this information, and also the school was scheduled for demolition and was 2 months after the event! If this was truly a crime sense, especially of this magnitude, they would have never demolished the school..!!! What a joke, and people believe this garbage?


Referring to the Santa Barbara kilper as a “gunman” and failing to mention that three of his victims were brutally murdered WITHOUT a firearm plays right into the hands of the enemies of the 2nd Amendment. Gun Rights supporters should NEVER use the term “gunman”. Use a thesaurus…choose alternative terms for killers, attackers, murderous fiends…whatever.


The ‘Progressives’ are losing control of Congress in 2015. These are all last ditch efforts to effect the kind of “Hope and Change” that the voters clearly rejected on November 4th.