The Perfect Sharpener for your Multi-Tool

DMT Diafold Serrated Sharpener
DMT Diafold Serrated Sharpener
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DMT Diamond Machining Technology

Marlborough, MA -( In a world where one size does not fit all, it’s important to have the right tool for each job.

When it comes to the hunter’s pack or go-bag, however, you want to limit the contents with tools that can serve multiple purposes. That’s why hunters and survivalists love their multi-tools.

But a multi-tool is no good in the field, at camp or on the run if its various edges aren’t sharp. This is where the Diafold Serrated Sharpener by DMT Diamond Machining Technology really shines.

Think of it as a mini-steel. This portable and reliable conical file enables hunters, survivalists and knife enthusiasts to quickly and accurately get in between even the finest serrations of a blade. Plus, it can sharpen the scissors, wire cutters and straight knife blades of a multi-tool (as well as individual blades and tools).

The Diafold Serrated Sharpener’s 9.5-inch diamond steel rod tapers from 1/4 inch to 1/16 inch and comes in coarse, extra coarse and fine grits. When it’s folded into its tough, clear resin handle, it’s just 5 inches long. This tough, durable tool is Made in the USA with superior diamonds and diamond coverage. We call it the DMT Difference.

“The Diafold is our best-selling line, and the Serrated Sharpener is among our most practical models,” says DMT President Mark Brandon. “It’s the ideal sharpener for multi-tools and hunting knives.”

DMT Diamond Machining Technology pioneered the folding diamond sharpener with its original Diafold model in 1986. It quickly became the company’s most popular product. Over the years, DMT has expanded the line and grit selections.

About DMT Diamond Machining Technology

DMT was founded in 1976 and manufactures a full line of diamond sharpening tools for use in woodworking, camping, fishing, hunting, outdoor and winter sports, culinary arts, gardening, police/security and industrial applications. The company has earned countless awards, including a HANDY Innovation Award; Seals of Approval from the North American Hunting Club, the National Home Gardening Club, the Handyman Club of America and the Cooking Club of America; seven Blade Magazine Knife Accessory of the Year Awards and an international award for innovation at Germany’s International Hardware Fair. All DMT sharpeners are proudly Made in the USA. Visit for more information and purchasing, or call Customer Service at 800-666-4368. Click here to access DMT’s Full-Line Product Catalog.