BREAKTHROUGH Wins 2015 Ladies Choice Award For Best Cleaning Solvent

Breakthrough Wins Ladies Choice Award
Breakthrough Wins Ladies Choice Award
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Miami, FL -( Breakthrough Clean, is proud to have received the 2015 Ladies Choice Award for Guns and Gear for the Modern Woman presented by the Shooting for Women Alliance, for its Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent.

The Shooting for Women Alliance is a non‐profit 501(c)3 nationally‐renowned organization based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

“10,000+ women weighed in with all products being used during actual personal defense related training classes, and the crème de’ la crème rose to the top,” explained SFWA Founder, Susan Carrichner Rexrode.

Criteria to be considered as a LADIES CHOICE Award recipient include: a women‐friendly company that designs products that actually work well for women, are easy for them to use, perform as they expect, and understands that it is NOT about pink (although customization options are appreciated). All products are tested first by SFWA Certified Instructors for safety and application; however, it is the thousands of women who participate in 4‐8 hour training courses offered by SFWA who determine the recipients. The products selected have proven to be of sufficient quality and design to be selected by women who have made the decision to purchase guns and gear for the purpose of personal protection.

During the awards event, a skeptical media representative present immediately opened the bottle he received as a door prize and confirmed, “it really has no odor!” Michelle Vera, General Manager, and Erick Navarro, President/CEO of Breakthrough Clean, accepted the award on behalf of Breakthrough, “Our intent was to introduce to the market a product that is tried and tested, is safe on all parts of the firearm, can perform and is also safe for the environment.” SFWA emphasized, “It doesn’t take women more than a minute to react positively when they use the solvent . . . they prefer odorless products hands‐down, as long as they work.”

Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent is a non-water based distilled petroleum solvent that through our proprietary distillation process has had all carcinogens and hazardous waste materials virtually wiped out of the formula. Breakthrough Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent has no odor, is non-staining, removes all fouling, while completely evaporating, leaving absolutely no residue behind. And it’s truly pH neutral, which means it’s safe on your firearm’s wood, plastics, polymers, cerakote and/or hydro-printing.

And unlike traditional firearm cleaning solvents, Breakthrough Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent has a flashpoint of 150° F and is therefore considered non-flammable. Breakthrough Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent cleans efficiently, dramatically reducing the duration of cleaning while using less product.

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About Breakthrough Clean

Breakthrough Clean is a subsidiary of the AvioTrade Group of companies, which specializes in the distribution of chemicals within the aerospace industry. AvioTrade has been in business over 12 years servicing major airlines, MRO’s and repair stations worldwide. Being gun enthusiasts, the owners of AvioTrade realized a growing need for having a more effective user-safe and eco-friendly cleaning solvent for the performance, protection, and maintenance of firearms. Utilizing their combined 50+years of aerospace chemical experience, access to the best solvent technology, and manufacturing resources specializing in environmental technology, AvioTrade Group brought Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent to consumers. In 2014 Breakthrough Clean released Battle Born Grease and Battle Born High-Purity Oil, upholding the same standards of purity as found in Breakthrough. Breakthrough Clean advocates using state of the art research, processes, and the best chemists to provide the most effective and truly eco-friendly products to consumers around the world.

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