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iHUNT by Ruger
iHUNT by Ruger
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Grawn, MI -( There’s a very good reason iHUNT by Ruger remains the best-selling hunting app for smartphone users.

Featuring high-quality animal and hunting calls with no audio noise, iHUNT brings the ultimate hunting call system right to a user’s mobile device. To further increase the value of the premiere hunting call app available on Android and iPhone, iHUNT by Ruger has added the very popular Solunar Times, Activity log, Weather and Photo Sharing features that had previously only been available to iTunes users.

Hunter’s can now plan their hunt using the Solunar times and weather, record the results on the activity log and share photos of their trophy with the iHUNT community. All this plus the ability to create an infinite number of playlists using the 600 sounds from 47 species and the ability to connect via Bluetooth with the iHUNT by Ruger speaker ensures a successful hunt.

A thoughtful design and presentation of feature options makes the iHUNT incredibly easy to navigate and use. With iHUNT by Ruger, hunters carry a high-quality calling system afield with the convenience of a smartphone.

The iHUNT by Ruger app features an unmatched selection of more than 47 animals and 600 hunting calls. The app has 40 different deer calls, 54 coyote calls, 37 turkey calls and 29 duck calls. There are even 26 alligator and crocodile calls on the iHUNT app. And that’s just a sample of the calls and variety of animal species.

In addition to calling animals to close range, the iHUNT by Ruger app can be used to identify animal sounds a hunter might hear during those long hours in the stand. Or, just for fun, stand on the back deck and use the iHUNT crow calls and see how quickly you have a raucous flock of crows over your head!

In addition to the library of high-quality animal and hunting calls, iHUNT features hunt logs, solunar times, weather and more. With a 4.5 reviewer rating, iHUNT by Ruger has been the best-selling hunting app for more than three years. High praise from users has helped keep iHUNT the top-seller in a crowded app market.

Now, in addition to being available through iTunes and Google Play, the iHUNT by Ruger app is available for Android. The app is offered either as a free trial, or purchase the full app for only $5.99 and have the ultimate game call system through the convenience of your mobile device.

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