Prepper Press Announces Joe Nobody’s Latest Novel – Holding Their Own: The Toymaker

Holding Their Own: The Toymaker
Holding Their Own: The Toymaker

Prepper Press

United States -( While enriched with captivating and novelistic details, life in post-collapse Texas creates a stark picture in anonymous author Joe Nobody’s latest, Holding Their Own: The Toymaker.

In this tenth installment of the Holding Their Own series, it’s been a long time coming for protagonist Bishop, his wife Terri, and their struggling family as they watch their country evolve in light of the recent government collapse. In the midst of a world that’s quickly ever-changing, they survive, help, and work together on a post-apocalyptic ranch that begins to test the boundaries and meaning of self-reliance.

But danger emerges from the dystopian West that threatens the new Alliance. In between well-intentioned actions and relentless efforts to calm the terror, society only moves closer to another collapse. The Alliance needs help fast. Bishop and Terri want a quiet life, but the burden of leadership for the Alliance hangs on their shoulders once more for the sake of safety, security, and liberty for all.

Like all Holding Their Own volumes, The Toymaker contains insightful thoughts and instruction in various areas of self-reliance and survival while providing a suspenseful tale of adventure, friendship, love, and life with war and peril a constant risk.

Holding Their Own X: The Toymaker (Book 10)

About the Author:

Joe Nobody (pen name for the author who wishes to keep his identity confidential) has provided systems, consulting and training for the U.S. Army, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Naval Research, United States Border Patrol, as well as several private firms and government agencies which cannot be disclosed. He is currently active in this area and for the security of his family and ongoing business, wishes to remain anonymous. He has over 30 years and holds the rights to a United States Patent for a firearms modification. “As the economy worsens, world tensions rise, and the modern media propagates bad news faster than ever before, more and more people want to prepare. I first wrote Holding Your Ground because it allows me to reach more of the good folks who are concerned about their security. I want them to sleep better at night knowing they have a plan of defense should the ‘Event’ ever occur.”

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