Mystery Ranch Packs and Montana Wild Introduce “The Pack Out”

Mystery Ranch - The Pack Out Educational Video
Mystery Ranch – The Pack Out Educational Video
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Mystery Ranch

Bozeman, MT -( Mystery Ranch, a pack company with a product line focused on function, comfort, quality and durability has joined forces with Montana Wild to create what has been titled as “The Pack Out.”

The Pack Out is an educational video with detailed, step by step instructions on how to properly load Mystery Ranch’s well-known Metcalf pack after an animal has been harvested high in the western mountains. The video illustrates why Mystery Ranch dominates the category of “Load Carriage” by creating a pack that allows users to comfortably handle large amounts of weight by properly distributing that load to their back and more importantly, their hips.

The people at Mystery Ranch pride themselves on creating a pack that offers the user proper Load Carriage no matter how daunting the task at hand may be. The Pack Out provides everything a hunter needs to know in order to maximize the unbelievable effectiveness of a Mystery Ranch pack.

The Pack Out can be viewed on the Mystery Ranch Vimeo Page at In combination with the release of The Pack Out, Mystery Ranch will be launching a giveaway where participants will have the chance to retain their very own Metcalf pack.

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About Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch is committed to building the finest load carriage equipment in the world. A product-driven company from the beginning, Mystery Ranch designs packs for the job that needs to get done, for the people committed to doing it, with the best materials available and the most durable construction methods that exist.

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