Oasis Water Filter – 1st Customizable Water Filtration System Launches on Kickstarter

Renovo Water Oasis Filter
Renovo Water Oasis Filter

Renovo Water

Salt Lake City, Utah -(Ammoland.com)- Renovo Water, designed not just a water filter but a complete modular water filtration system – the Oasis Water Filter.

Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, is now hosting the Oasis, a small adaptable device that can be customized by the consumer to filter water anywhere and at anytime.

There are already filters for specific activities; a filter for a hiker and a different filter for a traveler. The Oasis is one modular filtration system that can be adapted to work in any use case; the hiker can also use the Oasis while traveling.

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“Early on we realized that this system was way bigger than we had imagined and would require a lot of resources to bring it to market.” said Dan Beck, President, Renovo Water.

“So, as an entrepreneur and a crowdfunding addict, it was obvious that Kickstarter was the way to make this happen. The funding we hope to receive through Kickstarter will not only allow the Oasis to be produced now, but will open the door to endless possibilities for the Oasis water filtration system in the future.”

Previously preppers, hikers, campers, travelers, yoga enthusiasts, as well as active and healthy individuals would have to tailor their activities to the constraints of a water filter. With the Oasis users can tailor the system to their lifestyle.

Renovo Water Oasis Filter Accessories
Renovo Water Oasis Filter Accessories

The Oasis water filtration system is:

Adaptable. The patent pending genderless interconnect allows a user to combine various modules and accessories. Whether a hiker wants to purify stream water while hiking, a yoga enthusiast wants to infuse water with tea or fruit, a traveler wants to be confident drinking water anywhere in the world, the Oasis can be adapted to meet any need.

Efficient. The Oasis has multiple filtration mediums that will remove chemicals, bacteria, and viruses up to 99.9999%. Each of the filtration mediums can be easily replaced as needed.

Portable. The Oasis is one device that can be changed and have attachments added to it. It is small and lightweight making it easy to throw into a backpack for a camping trip.

Easy to Use. With the Oasis, the consumer is completely in charge of what is being filtered. Each module will feature directional descriptions and arrows making it easy for the user to know how to customize the Oasis.

“Rather than focus on building the next great filter device we focused our energy on creating a system of components that allows the user to decide what is important to them.” Said Bradley Abbott, Lead Designer.

“I didn’t design a water filter, I simply made it possible for Oasis users to design their own system or device that is specific to their needs.”

Support Then on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/940654468/oasis-the-worlds-first-modular-water-filter-system

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Oasis Water Filter Adaptable
Oasis Water Filter Adaptable

About Renovo Water:

The small team at Renovo Water have the simple goal of improving the way everyone experiences water. Water is life. Their experiences and years of research lead to the development of the Oasis, the world’s first modular water filter system.

For more information contact: www.renovowater.com