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Coopersville, MI -( White River Knife & Tool produces ultra-quality “custom” production knives for select retailers. Its standard production knives are crafted from premium-quality steels selected for the intended use the knife will generally see.

They are all hand finished and every single component, including the steel, sheath, etc. must be American-made from American-made materials.

The Company can render any of its regular line of knives to a heirloom custom level, depending on the buyer’s desire. White River’s custom shop knives (along the lines of Remington Firearm’s Custom Shop operation) are based on production models and steels and typically run $50 to $300 or more over the regular model from which they are upgraded. Generally, the custom features are the handle material, hilt, spacers and guard work.

White River can fit most any type of bone or wood to the handle, augmented with brass, nickel silver, silver or even gold spacers, finger guards and hilts; the client’s wallet is the limiting factor!

Knives can be ordered from a wide selection of extremely figured burl woods, to include Tiger Stripe Maple (a standard option on some models), spalted maple burl (shown in above image), and many others. In addition, the company uses exotic bone and North American antler. Nearly all handle materials are vacuum-impregnated with acrylic resin so they never shrink, swell, crack or absorb liquids such as blood or water.

White River is well known for its incredibly strict standards for hand-finished production knives made from a variety of all-American high-tech steels. Its knives are available online and from select dealers across the country.

Taking a production knife and affordably upgrading it to a custom knife that really works can create a family pass-me-down heirloom for the next generation.

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Excellent knives, made in the US – With great materials and workmanship, we offer custom made knives at competitive prices.

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