Pistol-Packing Pastors Denied Right to Carry by New Jersey

Pistol-Packing Pastors Denied Protection by New Jersey
Pistol-Packing Pastors Denied Right to Carry by New Jersey

New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey -(Ammoland.com)- It is not every week that you get contacted by two pastors who want a concealed carry permit to protect themselves and their church.

With a rise in violence targeting churches and religious groups do you blame them?

Watch our video story on Chasing News below.

When I was contacted by Pastor Kevin Bernat and Pastor Jeff Kovach two weeks ago, I honestly did not know what to think. They told me about their insane experiences in dealing with the New Jersey gun laws and how local authorities would make up rules which clearly violate NJ statutes. What is even crazier is how they were being told to call the police if anything ever happens. Imagine that a criminal goes into a church while service is being conducted, starts stabbing and killing people, and the pastor should just call the police. If that is not the definition of insanity, then I do not know what is.

I for one know that when God cannot deliver us from evil, I am certain that my Springfield 45 will!

As you know last week, we brought you the story of Michael Tumminelli, the DOD employee who has had multiple credible threats against his life and family. Watch the story here.

What we are building here is evidence that no matter your background or circumstance, nobody will ever get a concealed carry permit in New Jersey.

We have a series of future videos we are working on, but need your support to make it a reality. The time, effort, and resources we invest is not small and I hope I can count on you for a donation to keep the momentum going forward.

Best regards,

Alexander P. Roubian
NJ2AS President


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  • 2 thoughts on “Pistol-Packing Pastors Denied Right to Carry by New Jersey

    1. Infidel17.62 Sir I have read your statement on New jersey regulations to purchase and also to carry. Let me help fill in a few blanks for those taking out the time to read what lawful gun owners go through in the Garden State. I was a law enforcement offical in that state for over 30 years. I was able to obtain a PERMIT TO PURCHASE in about a month. The reason was because I was still active in my employ. Under the state’s statute for the public it says that the State Of N.J. has 30 days to conduct a lawful background check of the applicant and if grounds for refusal cannot be justified, the permit shall be granted. Interesting that the STATE OF N.J. gets to break their own law each time the application hits the desk. The Governor of the state has the power to tell the A.G. and the Superint. of the State Police to assign more personnel to the job but Gun Owners take a back seat. Well im retired, my house is sold in Union County and I am a proud resident of VIRGINIA where I can own my firearms and get my personal privacy with my sport, Hunting, fishing and sport shooting of my gun collection without fear of arrest.

    2. THe Peoples Republic of New Jersey has been way out in left field for many years. Want to buy a handgun? First you have to get a FOID card. Takes about 3 months, fingerprints and background check. Now you to the gun store for your handgun. No dice, the store can only sell you rifles, shotguns, or ammo. Too by a pistol you need another special purchase permit for each pistol you wish to purchase. Another application, fingerprint card, background check and 3 month wait. Now you have 30 days to buy a handgun before the purchase permit expires and you have too get another one. Want to buy a bullet resistant vest in the meantime. Sorry civilians aren’t allowed to own them in the PRNJ. Ok so it’s now 6 months after the process started and you have your handgun. Now you apply for a permit too carry. Guess what, you aren’t politically connected so you don’t get one. Self defense is only for the elite, not the commoners like you. Like what you have read so far? If the anti’s ever get their way even these “reasonable” measures won’t be enough for them. Wake up and vote smart before it’s too late for all of us.

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