Best AK 47 Stock Kits ~ REVIEW & VIDEOS

Best AK 47 Stock Kits
Best AK 47 Stock Kits

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USA -( The standard issue AK 47 stock is like vodka in some ways straightforward, elemental, and dependable.It seems completely uncomplicated, especially compared to its counterparts developed in the decadent, capitalist West by and for the bourgeoisie.

The Avtomat Kalashnikova, despite all its rugged, proletarian people’s glory, does have some shortcomings. Sometimes the buttstock, designed for peasant conscripts nourished mostly on borscht and Marxist dialectics, is simply too short for us overfed Western Imperialist running dog lackeys.

Not only can the buttstock on some imported variants of the AK, both -47 and -74, be a bit undersized for Amerikan shooters, we spoiled, decadent, counter-revolutionaries also want to be able to adjust the stock to fit more than one person, or even help us use electronic sights and scopes more efficiently.

And let’s face it, the factory-original stock is sometimes a bit plain when it comes to looks, sort of like Russian salo – salt-cured pork fat, sliced thin and served raw on bread.

Not surprisingly, Western Imperialist industry has produced a host of replacement stocks for the Avtomat, obviously a pathetic attempt to commodify and corrupt Mikhail Kalashnikov’s brainchild from the simple tool of the people into something better suited for the degenerate tastes of a pampered Capitalist pig like me.

So, Comrade, if you already claim kulak-like ownership of an AK of some sort, and you actually want to change the stock for some Imperialist reason, here is a list of 5 popular replacement stocks to consider.

Of course here in the depraved West, there are a lot more than 5 options for AK stocks, and some rather good ones will be necessarily left off the list, like dissidents disappeared to Siberia. Feel free to respond with your own favorites below, but rest assured that the Party’s Ministry of Truth will be paying close attention.

Comrade, here are my Best AK 47 Stock Kits :

  1. Minelli Stock AK 47 Stock Kits
MINELLI S.P.A. - AK-47 Walnut Stock Set
MINELLI S.P.A. – AK-47 Walnut Stock Set

The MINELLI S.P.A. AK-47 Walnut Stock comes with handguard and pistol grip, and has the same size and dimensions of the original Kalashnikov stock.

But Stalin’s moustache! Look at that walnut!

Can you imagine how it would glow if you spent some time rubbing Tung oil into it? Not surprisingly, these decadent walnut stocks are made in Italy, the same country that brought us Perazzi and Caesar Guerini, Lamborghini and Bruno Magli. Of course they make walnut stocks to dress up the AK-47 and make it look….pretty? While you do get nice walnut furniture for your AK, you will have to fit the original buttplate to this stock. If your main goal is to make your AK look great, then this is your choice.

  1. Arsenal NATO AK 47 Stock Kits
Arsenal AK-47/74 Nato Polymer Furniture Sets
Arsenal AK-47/74 Nato Polymer Furniture Sets

Like the Minelli set, the Arsenal AK-47/74 Nato Polymer Furniture Sets also comes with an upper and lower handguard and pistol grip, and stays very true to the simple lines of the original. But the main benefit is that it’s a bit longer for us American shooters, who are often taller and larger because we eat too many hamburgers and spend our time listening to decadent popular music, instead of laboring for the collective.

You can order this stock in basic proletarian colors, as long as it is black and O.D. green. It drops into stamped receivers, but you will have to drill holes for the tang screws. But that’s a very simple operation, and the stocks look great, too.

  1. VLTOR Collapsible AK 47 Stock Kits Adapter
VLTOR Weapon Systems AK-47 Collapsible Stock Adapter
VLTOR Weapon Systems AK-47 Collapsible Stock Adapter

Perhaps one of the most ironic ways to corrupt your AK, this adapter lets you add any mil-spec M4-style buttstock you’d like to your Kalashnikov.

And people thought the “Handshake in Space” was an important example of East-meets-West détente. The tube has five adjustment positions, and even an internal storage compartment for batteries and other small objects. The kit comes with hardware and dust plates to help you fit it to almost any stamped-receiver gun.

  1. Rifle Dynamics AK 47 Stock Kits Adapter
Rifle Dynamics AK-47/74 Adapter For AR-15 Collapsible Buttstocks
Rifle Dynamics AK-47/74 Adapter For AR-15 Collapsible Buttstocks

While technically not a stock, this gizmo offers amazing flexibility, and allows some serious AK stock upgrades. The Rifle Dynamics Ak-47/74 Adapter for Ar-15 Collapsible Buttstocks is easy to install on most AK variants, and lets you use any AR-15 style buffer tube and buttstock combo you’d like. Also, if you plan on using an optic of some sort, this adapter raises the stock height a bit, and gives almost-perfect eye position for a red dot or scope. It does, however, make it more difficult to see through the iron sights.

This ingenious but simple device is a great way to modernize the 1947 ergonomics of the Kalashnikov.

It’s rather affordable, and if you’re already an Ammoland reader, I’ll wager that you might just have an extra AR-15 buffer tube and stock lying around.

  1. Magpul Zhukov AK 47 Stock Kits Adaptor
MAGPUL AK-47/AK-74 ZHUKOV-S AK 47 Stock Kits
MAGPUL AK-47/AK-74 ZHUKOV-S AK 47 Stock Kits

Magpul’s Zhukov stock for the AK rifles installs without any modifications into most stamped receivers. It both folds and collapses, and the rifle can be fired with the stock folded. It’s available in several different colors, letting you individualize your otherwise drab, collectivist Avtomat. It has a nice rubber buttpad, and if you’ve put an optic of some sort on your rifle, you can also get detachable cheek risers for it.

In short, the Zhukov does it all in one convenient package. And like the Minelli and the Arsenal, you can get it as part of a complete furniture set. Not only that, it shares a name with Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, the most-decorated and highly-revered Russian general of the Great Patriotic War.

And if you didn’t watch Magpul’s intro video above for Zhukov furniture, well all I’ll say is “shirtless Putin riding a bear.”

Pazhalooysta my Comrades!

Thomas Conroy is a firearms aficionado, writer and capitalist pig who lives in the Midwest.

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I liked the AK article very much, but what about a folding for a Milled receiver AK? Does anybody offer one?

Anthony DeMaiori

We never have enough LEGAL AK47s floating around….


Pertaining to your Gold package, I’ve seen a lot of gold AK’s being showed off by drug dealer and the street hoodlums in general. I keep up by watching the show Durg Inc on TV where Arizona (the city and state where I live) is the largest drug hub to date!! The Mexican cartel brings this poison over the border into AZ then distribution starts by hauling the crap into the other states. I was thinking, maybe you shouldn’t permote the gold kits for all the dope pushers to flash around, again, they all seem to be attracted to the… Read more »


Maybe you should t be worried about what people want and mind your own business fudd. If you wanna learn about drugs watch real shot not a reality TV show. What a cuck.