‘No Guns’ Sign Doesn’t Square with Texas Law, School Policy

By David Codrea

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So what exactly is the anti-gun “teacher” prepared to do if someone with evil intent ignores his stupid sign? –David Smith-Soto/Facebook

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “[T]the Texas State Legislature went one gun too far when it passed the so called “campus carry” legislation this year, which will allow individuals to carry concealed firearms on public university campuses in 2016,” University of Texas at El Paso Communications Senior Lecturer David Smith-Soto writes on Borderzine. “That means that any person with any motive or in any state of mind can carry a gun on campus unchallenged by law enforcement or any authority. And I don’t want those guns in my classroom.”

What Smith-Soto, who has therefore appointed himself as sole “authority,” is prepared to do about it should a predator not care what he “wants,” is left unaddressed.

It’s curious that “Costa Rican-born” Smith-Soto presumes to impose a foreign-style “monopoly of violence” in the land of the Second Amendment. When you look at what the entire Borderzine effort is about, it’s a pretty good indicator of the effects unchecked immigration with a “pathway to citizenship” will have on the electorate, and on future legislators and court appointees. Bear in mind that Heller and McDonald prevailed by one vote.

It’s also curious that Smith-Soto picked an ideological battlefield where he’s not likely to encounter many challenges, if his “Rate My Professor” reviews are any indicators. It looks like his job consists of indoctrinating kids looking for easy grades in piece of cake liberal arts classes, as opposed to the 21 and older crowd that qualifies for a Texas concealed carry  license.

What’s not been determined (yet) is if Smith-Soto is also free to disregard UTEP’s “Speech, Expression and Assembly Policy.” It’s tough to argue the sign doesn’t violate the proscription that “No person shall make, distribute, or display on the campus any statements directed to … violations of law.” Presuming authority to subvert duly enacted law – and doing so in a public facility – is inherently lawless. Just imagine the “progressive” uproar if, say, a county clerk somewhere tried to impose her beliefs on the public, and posted a “No Same Sex Marriages” sign by her office door.

One could also argue Smith-Soto is creating a discriminatory and hostile environment against those who choose to exercise a right he does not agree with, willfully disregarding UTEP’s “harassment” policy.  That makes it fair to ask if a student who refuses to comply, and who makes known his objections and intent, might suffer resultant discrimination and retaliation, and if that might cause a chilling effect on the free exercise of rights. This also appears to violate the “General Rules on Signs” and “Designated Locations” policies. And if Smith-Soto can put signs up where he sees fit, regardless of the rules, why shouldn’t that “privilege” be extended to all – including to concealed carry advocates?

Perhaps UTEP President Diana Natalicio needs to be reminded that rules which the favored elites are free to ignore may be the way things are run in places like, say, Costa Rica, but here in the United States, along with the right of the people to keep and bear arms, we also insist on egalitarian concepts like equal protection under the law. If Smith-Soto doesn’t like that, he’s free to go back to the land of his birth, where things are evidently done more to his liking.

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About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 10 thoughts on “‘No Guns’ Sign Doesn’t Square with Texas Law, School Policy

    1. I am a retired teacher. In today’s public schools I would carry silently. For my protection and the protection of the students. I would not talk about it to anyone. I would not fulfill some need to brag about it. The only way it would ever be revealed is if, or when, some armed thug came into my classroom and found himself the victim of his own intentions. Stay alert, stay armed, practice and keep your mouth shut. The police can only show up after your dead.

    2. My 2¢ worth:

      Criminals already break laws. Anti-gun laws are no different. Criminals ignore the signs banning guns from banks and still rob them. What makes a classroom or any other so-called “gun-free” zone different? Nothing! Criminals will carry regardless…

      As someone who works in the fringes of the security field (I install surveillance cameras & do some locksmithing – LEO’s, military, & private security are core personnel & I thank you), I can tell you that security is everyone’s business. What good is having a door lock if you don’t lock it – NONE!

      Law-abiding citizens are usually the front-line of defense. Criminals & Terrorists alike tend to strike when they feel like they can carry out their plans unopposed – when there are no LEO’s around. John Q. Public should be trained, should be licensed, and should carry daily. Jane also. Don’t discount women. Ever seen mamma bear in action when she thinks her cubs are threatened?

      There is no guarantee that fighting a fire in your own kitchen with a fire extinguisher won’t result in burn injuries. Likewise, there is no guarantee that going toe-to-toe with an armed assailant won’t result in injuries or death. But, every second that an armed assailant is spending dealing with those of us who have some training and preparation (including carrying) is a second that someone else can escape, call 911…

    3. David Smith-Soto… I don’t recall seeing you in any military formations that I stood in. Get the fuck out of my country!

    4. He may be in violation of a new state law that penalizes illegal gun bans in public buildings where state law allows them to be carried. The Texas State Rifle Association can provide information whether it applies here and how to go after that school. Evidently they have to be notified by a complaintant they are in violation of the law. Then they have 3 days to remove their sign. If they don’t there are steps to go through that could have them paying a significant fine for every day the anti gun sign remains up.

    5. Hold on now, the teacher appears to have posted an image of a FIREARM.

      If a student has pictures of gun(s) that can get them expelled, the teacher should be charged as well.

    6. So…we have “another” liberal who is a “self-styled” lawmaker and dictator. All liberals say they “care” about the law, but only if they agree with said law…and if they don’t, they, usually, make-up their own “law”…illegally. All staff working there are bound by State law and the University’s policies and rules. If they don’t conform to said items…immediate termination should be the result.
      The administration…in this institute of higher learning and I say “higher learning”… very “liberally”… trying to give them all the breaks and benefit of doubt I can…needs to fire him, if only as an example to the other liberal staff who might be tempted to make up their own petty rules that oppose State law and university policy.
      Students and their families need to comment that they don’t feel protected and safe in his classroom because of “his policy” on this. They should also state that if anyone is hurt…or worse…while attending his class and an incident occurs that could have been prevented by a concealed carry individual…they will hold the University responsible.

    7. The classroom you occupy while working for the citizens as a civil servant belongs to the people who pay your salary and they already decided who will carry guns in their property, buildings and rooms, you on the other hand can relocate if you disagree.

    8. Only concealed handgun permit holders can carry on campus. This sign is not a legal exclusion and is meaningless to a legal permit holder. Sorry teach. Now shut the F**K up and sit down!

    9. Is “Communications Senior Lecturer David Smith-Soto” willing to accept full liability for any injury, death, and/or psychological trauma sustained by any student, fellow educator, or any other person who may be present if or when someone harboring evil intent disregards his silly assed sign and elects to inflict injury, death, and/or psychological trauma upon an unarmed defenseless occupant of his fiefdom?

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