Anti-Texas Campus Carry Petition Trips over Inconvenient Truth

By David Codrea

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This guy is 100% behind the petition! Charles Whitman — Source: 1963 Cactus, the student yearbook of the University of Texas./ Form:

USA – -( “Overturn SB 11 ‘Campus Carry,’” busybody hoplophobe and legislative process ignoramus Sara Peters of Portland, OR, demands in a petition to the Texas State Senate, State House and Governor. When the petition was posted is unclear, but it looks like the earliest signature and comment was made 18 days ago, and at this writing they still have over 700 signatures to go for a total goal of 2,500. That’s in spite of being open to signers from all states and, per a drop-down country menu, from anywhere in the world.

So much for grassroots clamoring.

“They’re taking our oases of education, some of the most important institutions in our country, and using them as laboratories to test the limits of gun rights,” Peters whimpers in self-righteous angst. “And putting hundreds of thousands of students at risk in the process.

“Guns have no place on our campus, or any campus,” she insists, just like she actually knows what she’s talking about. “These places should remain institutions of higher learning, free from the worries that guns and violence bring. Our college campuses, where we harbor and educate our future, are not the place to experiment with gun rights.”

So much for an argument that forgoes emotion and convinces with unassailable logic. Maybe if she’d added a blurb about unicorns, her unwitting contention that predators should have a free pass and plenty of defenseless victims would resonate strongly enough to put the signature tally over the top. Then again, perhaps there’s a reason such a modest goal was picked in the first place.

But that’s not where Peters demonstrates how someone who presumes to teach doesn’t even belong in the classroom without some heavy deprogramming and plenty of prerequisites, starting with the fundamentals. Because to make her point, she brings up UT Austin sniper Charles Whitman and his 1966 bloodbath as the reason why everyone who’s not a psychotic monster must ensure they’re vulnerable to those who are.

If Peters — and the historically-ignorant “feel safe” cud-chewers who signed her petition — looked at what happened then, perhaps some would come to the realization that with “progressives,” every day really is Opposite Day. It might also dawn on them that the ones forcing campuses and society to be “gun rights experiments” in a “laboratory” are the ones making that charge. Because the test results for the example she cited have been in since 20 minutes after Whitman started shooting, and they clearly show guns do belong in schools, and defenselessness only invites more deaths.

But don’t take my word for it—check out what actually happened in 96 minutes back before the era of modern “gun control.”

Students waited and waited for the police to arrive. [A]t that time, the Austin Police Department had no tactical unit to deploy. Its officers had only service revolvers and shotguns, which were useless against a sniper whose perch was hundreds of yards away … Some officers went home to get their rifles; others directed traffic away from campus.

The “when seconds count” slogan” comes to mind.  And when that’s the case, what’s the only option for denying a madman the blood he craves?

In the absence of any visible police presence, students decided to defend themselves.

Really? And just how did they do that?

Graduate student James Damon retrieved his $15 M1 carbine and helped keep the murderer pinned down. Senior Cliff Drummond recalled “Students with deer rifles … firing like crazy back at the Tower.”

Junior Forrest Preece “saw two guys in white shirts and slacks running across the lawn of the Pi Phi house, hustling up to its porch with rifles at the ready.”

Brenda Bell, who sounded like she might have signed Peters’ petition, said “vigilantes … took over Parlin Hall and were crashing around, firing guns. There was massive testosterone.”

Sometimes, protests of jealous, ashamed (and thus bitter) weaklings notwithstanding, that’s what it takes.

Ph.D. candidate J.M. Coetzee noted “lots of people around me in Austin not only owned guns but had them close at hand and regarded themselves as free to use them.”

There are plenty more recollections, but perhaps the most powerful comes from Bill Helmer, who admitted:

I remember thinking, ‘All we need is a bunch of idiots running around with rifles.’ But what they did turned out to be brilliant. Once [Whitman] could no longer lean over the edge and fire, he was much more limited in what he could do. He had to shoot through those drain spouts, or he had to pop up real fast and then dive down again. That’s why he did most of his damage in the first twenty minutes.

So much for the main argument used by the pro-murder lobby, that more guns would mean more people shooting each other in crossfire fiascoes, and that cops would have no idea who the bad guy was. People who aren’t nuts and evil, that is, otherwise peaceable gun owners who only resort to defensive gun uses when other options won’t work, don’t behave the way the monopoly of violence zealots and their media talking point parrots would have everyone believe. Rational adults are more than capable of identifying just who it is threatening them with deadly force.

The upshot of the Whitman story is that these armed students and citizens kept human carnage to a minimum, allowing the authorities to mobilize and neutralize the threat. Guns preserved the peace and kept people safe.

And none of the “vigilantes” went on to shoot up schools themselves, even though the only thing to stop them from trying would have been their own moral codes. Because signs sure don’t work. Neither do foolish petitions signed by ignorant hand-wringers.

It does make it fair to ask a question, and feel free to answer it yourself:

If a murderer suddenly started killing people, who would you rather have by your side? Armed students, like those who kept Charles Whitman from adding to the body count, or Sara Peters and her merry band of whiny herbivores?

The Whitman story reminds me of the last time I wrote about it, or at least about the movie, almost 20 years ago, back when I was doing newsletters for the NRA Members’ Council of Westside Los Angeles. The file I created has long since disappeared, but I did save a hard copy, which I scanned and posted as an addendum to this column.

And since we’re talking Texas universities, there’s an update to the story about the nutty professor who taped a “No Guns” sign outside his classroom in spite of Texas law, and school “speech and expression” policies. UTEP President Diana Natalicio responded to my email, demonstrating why she is the perfect “progressive” choice for a “Higher Education Visionary” award (as long as you keep that Opposite Day truism in mind).

[Via Jake S]

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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j b

DISGUSTING! A $15 M1 Carbine … oh, the good ol’ days.

Tim Toroian

I’m old. I was in high school when Whitman went into action. I’m saying to myself,”It’s Texas. Somebody with a rifle could at least make him keep his head down.” Anti- gunners do not understand that. Don’t have to kill somebody to stop them. At least until authorities arrive. Several of the last rampages would have been stopped by someone with a legal. Stupid woman doesn’t remember Killeen? In her own state. Or is she too young? One person in that restaurant with a firearm could have ended after the first shot.


In the 1960’s I was jealous of the Rifle Club Members who walked across our High School campus carrying their rifle cases in one hand and a box of ammo in the other. I had to work after work and could not join the team. The range was in the local city park which has been closed for years now due to political correctness,


OK, lets try an experiment, it just may work, it may not…..

Put up signs at all entrances to college campus, buildings, etc.

“NO Criminals Allowed, past, present or future”

We can see if this solves the problem


Dan can’t refute the facts so he emotes with emphasis. Some “opposite day” progressives just can’t make a cogent argument but that’s what we’ve come to expect in spades from them.


WTF, I just read Wash Post story!! Guns on Campus!! ARE YOU NUTS!

Wild Bill



Your=’re projecting again, Dan.


They’re taking our oases of education, some of the most important institutions in our country, and using them as laboratories to test the limits of liberal insanity. There I fixed it for you.

brass hopper

I agree with oldshooter I remember those days and Charles Whitmans act…I do believe he had suffered a brain tumor caused him to kill his wife and mother be fore the tower…


OldShooter – there has been a dramatic change in America. Now, Whitman would be considered the victim. Today, Whitman’s behavior would be synthesized through psycho-social memes absolving him of guilt.

At the time, Whitman was viewed as evil (period). There was no grief for him, no analysis of him, and not even much thought about him.

Those were simpler but much more profound times. Now we are sophisticated, and stupid.


brass hopper, you neglected to mention that we have a few generations of drug controlled urchins ( Ritalin, Prozac, etc) instead of the old school corporal punishment so the results are what we are witness to. I might add that I was raised during WWII so fidelity to Country was something that didn’t need to be taught from a text book. The Texas Tower shooter is a prime example of how background checks might weed out the felons but can never determine when someone is going to “cross over to the dark side”. I have thwarted the No Gun Laws… Read more »


I’m acquainted with a retired Texas Ranger named Ray Martinez. He is the police officer who actually shot Whitman on the top of the tower, and for those interested in details, he includes them in his autobiography “They Call Me Ranger Ray.” It may be interesting to know that he supports allowing concealed carry on campus, for those with a license to carry, as proposed by the Students for Concealed Carry On Campus. He told me that, in the Whitman incident, once the students started returning fire, Whitman never hit another person. Further, Ray and an armed (with his shotgun)… Read more »

B Young

Bless Texas Ranger Ray Martinez.


Excellent writing, your education is obvious. I was in the service and then college during the ’60.s and had my guns with me also. The only time they were out of the gun case is if we were going hunting or shooting. I do not recall any problems at any of the three colleges I attended from 1965 to 1980 when I got my M.A..
I suspect that in addition to a media program against guns there is a political agenda. I do not know why, but there is something going on that has not been articulated.


Outstanding article!!

jim phillips

A never married woman with no children, can write more books on how to raise kids than a mother of 10. They will also stand there crying and let someone shoot them before taking up arms to defend themselves or others around them. I pity them!

Dave from San Antonio

“Cud chewers”, herbivores. Perfect description because…when a “cud chewer”…chews their cud…there is not much else going on in their ‘brain-box’, which is mostly empty anyway…other than just chewing that cud. Nothing else matters…


Have these mamby pamby hand wingers never heard of sitting ducks or fish in a barrel? Remember, the Lord helps those who help themselves.


Charles Whitman is a prime example of why “Campus Carry” is a good idea. Other students with rifles were able to pin him down once they got the range and limit the damage done.
Liberals just want to pretend that all people are wonderful and have good intentions and then exploit situations like the Umpqua CC shootings to interfere with other people’s lives.
It’s not just about gun control, it’s about people control!

Watson Prunier

Thorough! Excellent breakdown of the events and further proving the anti-gun crowd’s rhetoric asanine. So filled with emotion and no logic, they continue to drudge up old events without doing their history. I’m praying for at least one anti-gun liberal to be awakened from their intellectual stupor after reading this. great job!

Jim Noble

Excellent analysis — as usual.
Thanks, David!

Woody W Woodward

Students at Texas University, situated in the middle of the state’s capitol city of Austin, are organizing a protest at which they plan to oppose new legislation allowing the possession of firearms on campus by openly carrying dildos on campus. This action is not overly unexpected or novel considering that these namby pamby liberals attend a university whose mascot is a castrated Longhorn male bovine named Bevo.


Charles Whitman wasn’t a psychotic murderer, he had a severe brain tumor pressing heavily on his amygdala. Although I’m for gun rights and this is a rather old article I still find it deplorable that you’d equate the man to a “psychotic murderer” when his killing spree is directly attributed to the tumor. He was a victim, in a sense, to unlucky biology. It was a horrible thing that happened but he had little control over it and you’d realize if you did any research. He even suspected that there was something seriously wrong with him and in his suicide… Read more »




Very intelligent.