Hunting with Kids Made Comfortable and Effective with Advantage Blinds

Advantage Hunting Blinds
Advantage Hunting Blinds
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Raleigh, NC -( There may be challenges to hunting with a child. However, the rewards far outweigh any extra care and effort it takes to make sure a young hunter has a safe, comfortable hunt.

It sure helps when you are hunting from an Advantage Hunting Blind. There are many reasons why an Advantage Hunting Blind is perfect for a youth, not the least of which is you are more likely to see game up close.

Young hunters who are safe, comfortable, and seeing deer or other game are much more likely to develop a love for the woods that results in a lifelong passion they will one day be sharing with their kids. Advantage Hunting Blinds are built with heavy-duty polyethylene shells, so they are durable blinds designed to last. The polyethylene shell protects hunters from the elements, and once the door to an Advantage Blind is closed, there are no worries about falls or accidents.

Advantage Hunting offers two blinds, the Deluxe and the Whitetail, and both come in standard and condo models. The standard comfortably sits two adult hunters and works great for an adult and youth hunting together. The condo model easily accommodates four people, offering plenty of space for a long, comfortable hunt.

The Deluxe Blind is constructed with a revolutionary, patented SCENTite scent-proof technology. The technology allows you to hunt on the ground or elevated without being detected by a deer’s sense of sight or smell. SCENTite Deluxe Blinds are airtight. Fresh air enters through intake ports located near the bottom of the blind, which then drafts your scent and vents it 30 feet above ground level. This important feature will allow deer to get closer without smelling the hunters.

Nothing will get a youngster more addicted to going hunting than seeing deer up close, and the Deluxe Blind from Advantage Hunting will help make that happen. The more economical Whitetail Blind from Advantage Hunting can be configured to suit the needs of firearm hunters and archers. It is built with optional full or trap doors, and a through-bolt design with interlocking corners. The result is a lightweight and nearly maintenance-free blind.

Advantage Hunting Blinds offer many important features that make them portable and efficient. The heavy-duty polyethylene shells, weather- and bug-resistant materials, tinted poly-carbonate windows, and carpeted ¾-inch pressure-treated plywood floor assure a long-lasting blind. It’s also the perfect setup for a young, inexperienced hunter who might spook deer from a blind without the special features of an Advantage Hunting Blind.

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Advantage Hunting Blinds are the leaders in rigid, portable, lightweight, scent-proof blinds. Our blinds are so technologically advanced in function and design that you can enjoy hunting more successfully and comfortably with less maintenance.

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