Advantage Hunting Introduces the Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Deluxe Blind

Advantage Hunting: Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Deluxe Blind
Advantage Hunting: Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Deluxe Blind
Advantage Hunting
Advantage Hunting

Raleigh, NC -( Advantage Hunting has teamed up with Mossy Oak to create the Advantage Hunting Gamekeeper Series of blinds.

Developed with input from top hunting professionals, the premier model in the new line is the Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Deluxe Blind. Ideal for both gun and bowhunting and compatible for use both on the ground and elevated, the Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Deluxe is perfect for any hunting situation.

Like all Gamekeeper blinds, the Deluxe is easy to set up and is virtually maintenance free. Every Gamekeeper blind is engineered to last for seasons. A key feature is that there’s no need to worry about being scented by deer while hunting in this blind, as it incorporates patented Scenttite Technology and a scent-proof design. Over 30 feet above the blind, an exhaust pipe drafts air out, while intake ports near the base bring in fresh air. Window gaskets keep the blind completely airtight, greatly enhancing the scent-proof design.

The Advantage Gamekeeper Deluxe Hunting Deluxe Blind has a capacity of 500 pounds while weighing only 185 pounds, so it is lightweight. Yet the heavy-duty polyethylene design keeps it virtually maintenance free. This blind is weather and bug resistant and includes a through-bolt design with interlocking corners.

The Advantage Gamekeeper Deluxe Hunting Deluxe Blind has an optional gasketed full-size door with a keyed locking door handle. Gasketed windows are positioned to provide a 360-degree view while still offering concealment with Mossy Oak Bottomlands Camo window coverings. Great for gun or bowhunting, the windows utilize convenient elastic pulls.

The heavy-duty polyethylene shell in the Gamekeeper Deluxe Brown color gives the Gamekeeper Deluxe camouflage and durability. A black interior provides further concealment, and a carpeted, ¾-inch pressure-treated plywood floor makes this blind comfortable, quiet and functional.

Mossy Oak Gamekeepers represents a culture of hunters who share the same underlying belief that being outdoors is just as much about hunting as it is loving the land, its wildlife, and giving back more than you take. The most important lessons in life can be learned in the woods-nature has a way of teaching us all. From the tiniest seed to the largest oak tree, and the critters that call this place their home-we care, nurture, and do our best to conserve these precious resources. It’s our responsibility to teach future generations to preserve our heritage. The Gamekeeper Series of Blinds from Advantage Hunting embodies a passion for our game, land and legacy.

Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Deluxe Features:

  • Through-Bolt Design w/ Interlocking Corners
  • Lightweight and Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Weather and Bug Resistant
  • Ground or Elevated
  • Polycarbonate Folding Gasketed Windows
  • Mossy Oak Bottomland Camouflage window covering
  • Corner Viewing Windows for 360 View
  • Optional Gasketed Full-Size Door w/
  • Keyed Locking Door Handle
  • Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Shell
  • Olive Drab Exterior/ Black Interior Carpeted
  • Rot Proof Floor
  • Elastic window pulls
  • Scenttight Technology

Mossy Oak Gamekeeper 2-Man Full Door Deluxe Specs:

  • SIZE: 22 Sq. Ft.; 54″W x 60″D x 78″H
  • WEIGHT: 185 Lbs.
  • CAPACITY: 500 Lbs
  • DOOR SIZE: Full Door 35″W x 55″H

No matter where you are hunting, any trip can be improved with the Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Deluxe Blind from Advantage Hunting. For more information, visit

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