New XS Sight Systems Anti-Walk Pin Available for Remington and Benelli Shotguns

XS Sight Systems: Anti-Walk Pin
XS Sight Systems: Anti-Walk Pin
XS Sight Systems
XS Sight Systems

Fort Worth, TX -( Firearm enthusiasts requiring the utmost in reliability and durability from their shotgun’s trigger-group pins, look no further.

XS Sight Systems has developed the Anti-Walk Pin, made specifically for the 12ga. Remington VERSA MAX, but also fitting the Benelli M1, M2 and Super Black Eagle 12.

A regular factory trigger-group pin is retained by a small detent spring. This spring can fail under recoil, or can easily be lost during regular maintenance or modifications. The XS Anti-Walk Pin is a headed pin retained by a 6-32, pan-head screw, acting as a mechanical lock to keep the pin in place. Precision machined in Texas, the 4140/42 steel is then heat treated, and receives a black-oxide coating for corrosion protection.

“Keeping your guns running reliably is a big key to performing well in competitive shooting,” says XS Sight Systems Production Manager, Monte Long. “After seeing several trigger plate detent springs break in VERSA MAX shotguns, we designed the XS Anti-Walk trigger pin as a quick, easy and economical upgrade that will prevent the issue before it can happen.”

The XS Anti-Walk Pin is the perfect shotgun accessory for any serious hunter, shooting competitor or law enforcement officer, and there’s no other product like it available for the Remington VERSA MAX. The suggested retail price for the XS Anti-Walk Pin is $12.

Ready to ship now! You can purchase from any of our trusted partners and distributors or through online retailers, local gun stores, or

About XS Sight Systems:

XS Sight Systems, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is the leader in precision manufacturing of practical hunting and combat effective tactical sights, lever rails, mounts, glass assault tools and related products for U.S. civilian, law enforcement and military professionals. The company provides uncompromising quality by manufacturing from 1144 stress-proof steel and aircraft grade metals—never metal injection molding (MIM). Its 100% American-made products are ideal for conceal carry, personal and home defense, hunting, military and law enforcement, 3-Gun and competitive shooting. The family-owned business was founded by the late Ed Pastusek in 1996 with manufacturing roots that began in 1984. Today, Jon Pastusek, CEO, leads XS Sight Systems, along with his mother, Mary Pastusek, and sister, Kellie Brunn.

For more information about XS Sights and all of its products, visit or call 888.744.4880.

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