XS Bore Guide for DPMS GII & AR-15

XS Bore Guide for DPMS GII & AR-15
XS Bore Guide for DPMS GII & AR-15
XS Sight Systems
XS Sight Systems

Fort Worth, TX -(AmmoLand.com)- XS Sight Systems’ announces the release of its new XS Bore Guide for DPMS GII & AR-15’s for gun enthusiasts who want to keep their firearms protected for years to come.

The XS Bore Guide is designed to keep the cleaning rod centered in the receiver for the DPMS GII, as well as AR-15’s chambered in calibers ranging from 5.56 to .30 cal. When taking care of a firearm, it’s important to use a bore guide in order to protect the bore and keep any cleaning solution away from the trigger mechanism. This practice will also help preserve the accuracy of the firearm.

“This is the first bore guide to hit the market that is compatible with the DPMS GII,” said Bo Wallace, technical expert for XS Sight Systems. “As shooters, we know that clean rifles shoot better and there wasn’t a bore guide for the GII and other rifles chambered in .300 Blackout/Whisper.”

Features of the XS Bore Guide DPMS GII & AR-15’s:

  • 100% American made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Finish: Hard Coat Anodized in XS Green
  • CNC precision machined
  • Part # AR-7001BG-1

The suggested retail price for the XS Bore Guide is $40.

About XS Sight Systems:

XS Sight Systems, headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, is the leader in precision manufacturing of practical hunting and combat effective tactical sights, lever rails, mounts, glass assault tools, and related products for U.S. civilian, law enforcement and military professionals. The company provides uncompromising quality in manufacturing via precision machining using state of the art multi axis CNC equipment. Its 100% American-made products are ideal for conceal carry, personal and home defense, hunting, military and law enforcement, 3-Gun and competitive shooting.

For more information about XS Sight Systems, visit www.xssights.com or call 888.744.4880.