Ask Rob Pincus Anything on #PDNLIVE

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Ask Rob Pincus Anything on #PDNLIVE

Wayzata, MN – Thursday, January 14th at 8:00pm-9:00pm CDT, Personal Defense Network (PDN) will host the first round of #PDNLIVE in 2016. #PDNLIVE is a live webcast where the host, Executive Director Rob Pincus and special guests give fans the opportunity to ask, and get answered, on the topic of self defense firearms training and practice. This month’s topic is a free-for-all with Rob Pincus.

Fans are encouraged to email their questions to [email protected] or go to PDN’s Facebook page and leave questions in the comments section. Pincus will answer as many questions and they can during the live show on January 14.

In addition to submitting questions before the show, fans can also ask questions during the live session. Watch live at

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    1. My answer to high ammo prices: Quit shooing a paper a million times a yr. Don’t you think that is what is driving the prices of ammo through the roof? I learned that I could hit what I was shooting at in kindergarten. The only thing I use ammo for is hunting and self defense. If you can’t hit what you are shooting at after yrs. at the range, time to pack it in and take up water colors. If you can, what the hell are you doing there!!!???

    2. I have been an avid revolver shooter for many years and have reached the stage of Defensive Distinguished Expert. I am looking forward to transitioning to a semi-auto pistol for its greater capacity and better concealability. In your experience, what are the most common hurdles to overcome? By that I mean, what’s my best beginning focus? I’m assuming it’ll be the new grip, but maybe I haven’t the right idea here. The lack of experience on my part is complete – I have only shot a Ruger p95 one time, one mag dump, and the same for a Glock 22. So, I put myself in the know-nothing phase. Especially when you consider that I have shot thousands of rounds through my .357. You could exhume me from the grave and I’ll still get ’em all through the ten ring at 25 yards.

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