Lots of New and Improved Secure Firearm Products for Shot Show 2016

Secure Firearm Products (SFP)
Secure Firearm Products (SFP)
Secure Firearm Products (SFP)
Secure Firearm Products (SFP)

Carl Junction, MO -(AmmoLand.com)- Secure Firearm Products (SFP) has been designing developing and manufacturing a high quality line of products for shooting sports enthusiasts and professionals since 2001.

Their product line includes high security firearms cases, wall vaults, gunsmith tools and shooting target systems.

At the upcoming SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas (January 19-22), Secure Firearm Products (Booth #2730) will be showcasing a host of new and improved innovations that are being incorporated into their line of shooting target systems. All of which are made here in the U.S.A.

The Steel Target Mover System with its AP1 (Tombstone) 3/8th-inch thick steel plate is now equipped to be wireless out to 1000 yards or more. It makes the system easy to use and is ideal for long-range military training, law enforcement and 3-Gun competition.

The popular Tactical Mover Target System is a single track and motor combination that is now activated by stepping on an actuator. The Deluxe Tactical Mover System features up to 4 target rails that can be run independently or simultaneously. Here again, the target or targets movement is activated by a single or multiple step on actuators. The unit can also be run wireless for a student/instructor scenario.

Both systems are an ideal choice for military training, law enforcement, IDPA competitions and many other target shooting events. Wireless options are now available for up to 1000+ yards.

“SFP has also made improvements on the control boxes for the Turning Targets,” says Tammy of SFP. “These now not only include the Standard Barricade, but also the Crawford Barricade, Modified Barricade and with 16 independent programmable times. We also now have wireless options for all our NRA Action Pistol Target Systems and we can even update and upgrade your existing target system to go wireless!”

“Make sure you stop by to talk with and meet members of the Secure Firearm Products shooting-team,” says Surgi. “We had a great year of competition and Louis Surgi, Mark Itzstein and Doug Carden will all be in attendance with us this year!”

Louis Surgi

  • First place Junior and 2nd Master class, NRA Action Pistol Show Me Cup
  • Flager Cup High Junior and High Expert (score of 1907 142X)
  • Cameron Cup High Expert

Mark Itzstein

  • Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships, 3rd Open Revolver and 3rd Iron Sight Revolver
  • U.S. Steel Challenge Nationals, 2nd Open Revolver and 2nd Iron Sight Revolver
  • World Rimfire Challenge, 3rd place Open
  • Northwest Rimfire Challenge, 3rd place Open

Doug Carden

  • 2015 Steel Nationals, 2nd Lawman
  • Crawfish Cup, 3rd Expert Metallic
  • Flager Cup 2nd Expert Metallic
  • 2015 IRC 1st place B Division

“We’re also very proud of our other team members and their competitive accomplishments this past year,” says Surgi. “We’re fired up and excited about all the upcoming competitions for 2016. Here’s the final recap of our team’s great accomplishments!”

Tiffany Piper

  • NRA Bianchi Cup, 2nd place Lady Score 1899 143X
  • New Zealand National Action Pistol 1st Lady Champion (6 years Running)
  • Far North Action Match, 1st overall, 1st lady (score of 1909)

Warren Piper

  • 2015 Cowley Cup 4th Place

Karl Piper

  • Bianchi Cup 4th International
  • Cowley Cup Open Champion
  • New Zealand Action Nationals, 2nd in Open and Metallic
  • North Island Nationals, 1st Metallic
  • Far North action, 2nd place (score of 1905)

Travis Hayton

  • 2015 PA Keystone Cup, 2nd overall, High overall .22
  • 2015 VA Regional—Overload Memorial Cup, 2nd overall, overall Rimfire, High Lawman.
  • 2015 Cardinal Cup, 2nd place High Master, High Lawman, 3rd overall .22

Ryan McQuilty

  • 2015 Gold Coast Revolver Champion

Sydney Surgi

  • Had her first baby in July 2014 and came back with a 3rd place Expert at the Flager Cup.

SFP will also be exhibiting their new Electronic Access Wall Vaults that are available in two sizes—one for handguns and small valuables and a larger size designed for AR rifles and larger valuables. Both feature electronic remote control access, as well as a Medeco high security lock/key system for manual opening.

Secure Firearm Products (SFP): Electronic Access Wall Vaults
Secure Firearm Products (SFP): Electronic Access Wall Vaults

Again, as with all Secure Firearm Products, they are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Secure Firearm Products:

Secure Firearm Products is an American-based, family-owned business producing quality shooting products since 2001.

For further information about the full line of Secure Firearm Products, go to the website at www.securefirearmproducts.com.

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