Obama Should Stand Behind The Counter Of My Gun Shop For A Day

Opinion By Bob Irwin

Fired Up! with Bob Irwin
Fired Up! with Bob Irwin
Fired Up! with Bob Irwin
Fired Up! with Bob Irwin

Nevada – -(Ammoland.com)- President Obama recently used his White House powers to tighten gun control.

The media leaks say the idea is to place restrictions on hobby gun sellers. His theory is that the background checks required of full time dealers should apply to everybody.

That would be fair financially! Our licenses, insurance and regulatory fees cost a lot of money, but what does any of that has to do with reducing or preventing crime?

There is no statistical link between missed background checks and gun crime. The president’s theory apparently assumes that a lot of individuals who don’t get the checks are committing crimes.

FBI data shows little correlation between criminal use of firearms and the checks other than most mass killers actually passed their background checks. That research does not help our Commander in Chief’s belief.

The President chooses to get his advice from friends who live in the protected bubble. Most all are very wealthy with their own armed security or activists involved in rights for this or that group that he sees as needing special consideration. It really is no wonder that he sees little need for the ordinary Americans to protect themselves.

If he stood behind the counter of my gun shop for a day or two, he might understand. The reality is most people that avoid the background checks are doing so to save money. Our state charges $25 for the check (which the Brady Law said would be free), plus sales tax of over 8% now. Lots of people are underemployed or out of work, money is tight!

Criminals ignore the current law, making it foolish to expect them to obey new Presidential orders. The effect will be more paperwork for the industry and more citizens unable to afford a firearm to protect their families. It may even prove helpful for the gangsters, rapists and robbers, as they gain more unarmed victims!

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No background fee in Alaska , no permits required for open or concealed carry , no permit to own a firearm.


Surely would be history making to impeach someone for failure to support constitutional rights as sworn