Rep. Scott and Rep. Nate Introduce 2 Permitless Carry Bills

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Government Secrecy
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Canyon County, ID -( The session is several weeks in and bills are flowing into the state legislature, including 2 versions of Permitless Carry.

Rep. Nate and Rep. Scott want Idaho gun owners to have several options to choose from when it comes to Permitless Carry. As Idaho gun owners you have to decide which version you would prefer to happen or if we would like to see something in between the 2. The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will be conducting its final analysis today and make our decision on which to support.

Here is what we know about the first bill:

1. It will move the boundary of Permitless Carry to within city limits but outside any building unless you have permission from the property owners or lease holder.
2. It will move the age limit for Permitless Carry to 18 years old inside city limits.
3. It will NOT implement duty to inform or training mandates. (Both good things).
4. It will keep the current permit system in place but makes it optional.

Gun owners and the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance like many of the things in the bill but are requesting that bullet point number 1 be amended.

Last year the NRA re-wrote the Idaho statute and that included the part about property owner permission from the gun owner. This came from House BIll 301.

Essentially every time you go to a store or someone’s home you have to get permission from the property owner in order to carry concealed without a permit. Don’t want to ask for permission then you have to have a permit. So essentially you have to carry your permit everywhere because seeking permission from every property owners is impossible and is both a burden on the gun owner and the property owner. Idaho law already allowed a private entity to ask someone to leave if they didn’t want a gun on their premises.

Stay tuned for our Press Release on the 2nd version and our analysis LATER TODAY!!!

Thank you for all your support and your efforts in reaching out to your legislators. Lets make this the year that Permitless Carry happens in Idaho.

REMEMBER to contact your legislators and demand that any gun bill be vetted and debated in an open forum and NOT behind closed doors in secret committees! 

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Greg Pruett
President, ISAA

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