Drago Gear and Bigfoot Gun Belts Team up for Leather Belt, Backpack Giveaway

Drago Gear And Bigfoot Gun Belts Giveaway
Drago Gear And Bigfoot Gun Belts Giveaway
Bigfoot Gun Belts
Bigfoot Gun Belts

Hayden, ID -(AmmoLand.com)- Bigfoot Gun Belts is excited to join Drago Gear in a Facebook contest that will give winners the opportunity to update their everyday carry gear with some enviable products.

For a chance to win this legendary giveaway, simply tag a friend in the post located on Bigfoot Gun Belts’ and Drago Gear’s Facebook page. There will be a total of eight winners, selected at random, including the friends they choose to tag.

The winners will each receive a Bigfoot Leather Gun Belt and their choice of a Drago Gear Atlus Sling or Ranger Laptop backpack. Bigfoot Gun Belts are a must-have for carrying your handgun. Superior English bridle leather surrounding a rigid spring-steel core provides constant stability when drawing, holstering and supporting your preferred firearm.

The Drago Gear Atlus Sling is a durable backpack that allows the wearer to carry their gear with maximum comfort, while the water resistant fabric provides protection from the elements.

Manufacturing Team Leader Jonnie Hebert is proud of the hard work and dedication that goes into every Bigfoot Gun Belt.

“You’re not going to want to miss out on your only chance to capture a belt that is as highly sought after as the legendary beast Bigfoot himself,” Hebert said. “This is a one-time opportunity to get your hands on a Bigfoot Gun Belt free of charge.”

About Bigfoot Gun Belts:

Nestled between the pines of North Idaho, Bigfoot Gun Belts is proud to call the Inland Northwest home. This privately owned and operated gun belt company produces only the highest quality leather gun belts at an affordable price. To learn more, please contact: Tedder Industries 827 W. Prairie Ave, Hayden, ID 83835 Office: (206) 215-2066 Fax: (208) 545-6903 [email protected]

For more information about Bigfoot Gun Belts, visit our website http://Gunbelts.com.

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You need to go to Bigfoot Gun Belts website and then on the ” contact us ” tab,send them a message voicing your opinion to their use of facebook. If enough people respond in this manner it may get their attention. Can’t hurt anything,
so let the company know how you feel.


Dumped Facebook as well about 2 years ago.
Intrusive and a total waste of time.
Have not missed it one bit.
So yes all gun related contests etc. should be email entries.

HMLA-167 Warrior

Wow, and I thought I was going to be the only commentator saying “Facebook? No thank you.” Looks like I’m in good company.


X10 a.’ll of the above



Free speech is gone from Facebook, so I dumped my account too. Those millionaires who made a fast buck in tech have a savior-syndrome(guilt?) and have gone off the deep end. If they could control our thoughts, they would. In the meantime, they control our speech-on their terms only.

L. Mulligan

Ditto from this Bigfoot owner. Won’t give them the credibility.

James Housley

I have never joined Facebook and have no future intentions of doing so. You are isolating many people that would participate by restricting to “FACEBOOK ONLY” entries. Enough said.


I agree with the others here. No Facebook No social media.

This promotion is working against BigFoot


It would be preferred if you provide a link to register for the drawing. You should know Fakebook is not the friend of the shooting community.


Same here, I despise Facebook. Please provide an email entry.


Social media only entry equals a big no way Jose(plus nasty comments in my head) It’s what happens when marketing is run by people that think social media is just so “kewl” that everyone agrees with them.


Ditto, I’m not on social media at all and haven’t been for years didn’t care what it helps people do to themselves in consuming their time. I would definately appreciate a different way to enter

MT Bob



I do not participate in Facebook media for various reasons. Please provide email entry.


I wish there were some other way than Facebook to register. I unsubscribed from it about 3 months ago, since it is an intrusive nanny censor, anti-gun, and a shill for the IslamoMarxist dictator.


Could not agree more! I too unsubscribed.


[reads word ‘giveaway’]
[gets excited]
[sees ‘Facebook’]
[gets sad…]
I really despise Facebook, so I no longer support them either. I see this quite often and wish I could enter, but no such luck.