VOTE NO on the Recall of Grover Norquist From NRA Board

by Todd Rathner

Grover Norquist
Grover Norquist
Todd Rather
Todd Rathner

USA –  -( Many of you ask me who to vote for in the 2016 NRA board elections.

I usually tell you to support the incumbents and this year I will tell you the same, BUT with a small twist.

For the first time in my 16 years on the NRA board there will be a recall on the NRA ballot.

I urge you to VOTE NO on the recall of Grover Norquist.

Ballots will be arriving in the NRA magazines between February 15th – 20th 2016.

After the video is a letter I wrote to gun rights leaders nationwide on why I oppose the recall:


First some background on Mr Norquist by CBS 60 Minutes who’s profile on Grover’s real life work is found in the following video:

Dear Fellow Gun Rights Leaders,

If you are an NRA voting member your upcoming NRA magazines (March issue 2016) will contain the annual board election ballot AND a question, whether or not NRA board member Grover Norquist should be recalled from the NRA board.

I want you to know that I am vigorously OPPOSING the recall effort of Grover Norquist.

I have served with Grover on the board for over 15 years. I have spent a lot of time with Grover at NRA board meetings and events. Grover shows up at board meetings and works for the NRA. We have spoken at length over the years about many issues, and he is 100% NRA. He supports all of our goals, from CCW to Constitutional Carry. He has NEVER done anything to undermine the NRA or damage it in ANY way. He has frequently helped the NRA gain access to Washington insiders who have helped us kill bad bills and bad policy in DC.

Not every Washington insider is willing to use their personal contacts to help the NRA, Grover always has.

The accusations against Grover are nonsense and the recall is designed to do one thing, and one thing only…DESTROY the integrity of the NRA, damage the NRA board, and cause irreparable harm to our cause. Mark my words, if this recall is successful it will be plastered on the front page of the New York Times and the Huffington Post and used as a way to claim the NRA is weak in an election year that could be the most important in our lifetime.

Below you will find a document designed to educate those with questions about this issue. Bear in mind the unfounded accusations about Grover were pushed prior to the last NRA election (2015) and despite this information being available to NRA voting members they saw fit to return him to the board. So this recall effort is simply an attempt to undermine the results of a legitimate NRA election. There is NOTHING new in these accusations.

I encourage you as a gun rights activists and proud NRA members to vote NO on the recall of Grover Norquist. Please use your Facebook pages, newsletters, and email lists to help defeat this recall.

The people behind this effort have invested a lot of money into trying to undo an NRA election. Don’t let them win! Feel free to share this letter and document. I also urge you to look at this website:

Thank you
Todd Rathner
NRA Board Member

A Look At The Attacks On Grover Norquist & Why You Should Defend The NRA By Voting NO On The Recall

WHAT’S THE ISSUE: A petition has been filed to recall Grover Norquist, who was elected for the sixth time in 2015 to the NRA Board of Directors.

WHAT’S BEHIND THIS: The recall petition gives — as its only basis — a document entitled “Agents of Influence,” a bizarre conspiracy theory, prepared and published by Frank Gaffney.

  • Petition alleges nothing that relates to any issue, problem or lapse by Mr. Norquist in his role for more than fifteen years as a member of the NRA Board.
  • There are no allegations in the Recall Petition that have anything whatsoever to do with the NRA, its mission, purpose or programs.
Frank Gaffney
Accuser Frank Gaffney (Getty images)

WHO’S ACCUSING WHO? A troubled individual named Frank Gaffney who;

  • has been obsessed with Grover Norquist for more than a decade and
  • has absolutely no problem making up, spreading and publishing utterly false statements about Mr. Norquist
  • has created an elaborate conspiracy theory, which he has revised several times, to explain events of the past two decades
  • ran an unsuccessful campaign to defeat Grover’s re-election to the NRA board in 2015.


  1. POWER OVER THE BUSH CAMPAIGN IN 2000. Gaffney claims that, for over 15 years Grover Norquist ran (or perhaps still runs) a successful and powerful scheme that controlled decisions by President Bush, Karl Rove and many in the White House.
  2. POWER OVER THE WHITE HOUSE AND REPUBLICAN PARTY. Gaffney claims that included decisions as to who had access through the Secret Service to the White House itself, and who was hired or not hired by the Bush Administration.
  3. MYSTERIOUS MEETING ON 9/11 WITH “TWO DOZEN MUSLIMS” IN WASHINGTON. Twelve years after 9/11, Mr. Gaffney on Sept. 28, 2013 swore in a notarized statement that:
  • He personally saw Grover Norquist at his office in downtown DC on the morning of September 11, 2001, entering the office with dozens of Muslims (dressed in flowing burkas, etc.), in broad daylight, and walked together into a conference room.
  • His paid staffer, Mike Waller, lifted ceiling tiles and allegedly heard Norquist plotting with these Muslims.


None of the allegations are true. Gaffney’s allegations are refuted by Bush’s campaign manager & staff chief, the Bush White House and the head of Homeland Security – and others.

Allegation # 1 is best rebutted by this letter from Joe Allbaugh, who actually ran the Bush Presidential campaign.

JOE ALLBAUGH, NRA board member since 2004, writes:

“I have known and worked with Grover Norquist for over 18 years…beginning when I served as Chief of Staff to then -Texas Governor George W. Bush. Mr. Norquist’s efforts to build a national network of conservatives and work together for common goals, has been exemplary.

I have also known about Frank Gaffney for many years and Mr. Gaffney is simply not a credible source. He has generated these attacks against Mr. Norquist. It is quite disturbing to me that he and his small band of zealots have created this situation, using lies and falsehoods against an NRA member to achieve their ends.

I am aware that Mr. Gaffney alleges that Mr. Norquist was somehow responsible for interjecting certain Muslim individuals into the Bush 2000 campaign. That is completely false.”

Allbaugh also writes:

“It is my sincere hope that the Recall Board will reject the efforts by those individuals who are trying to use the NRA for their own purposes, and urge that you unanimously reject the recall of Grover”

Allegation #2 – influencing and controlling the Bush White House – was rebutted by the White House itself in 2003, when asked by the Wall Street Journal about Gaffney’s attacks: “There is no there, there.”

The man who actually led the fight against terrorist threats to America – MICHAEL CHERTOFF, head of Homeland Security for four years – states:

I do not know the motive of the Frank Gaffney’s scurrilous and continuing attacks against Mr. Norquist, but they should not be given any weight . . . I have had the opportunity to work with Grover Norquist on important efforts to combat violent Islamist extremism. Grover Norquist is a natural leader and a patriot. He has exercised leadership on numerous issues of importance to the nation at some personal sacrifice to himself. His efforts to advance religious tolerance are admirable, and reflect an approach that supports our homeland security efforts.

Allegation #3. As to the fantasy “meeting” on 9/11 — in fact, Mr. Norquist was never in his office that day, as he had flown in that morning from California, and been caught up in the transportation shutdown on the East Coast that day. This has been attested to by numerous witnesses.


ED MEESE, President Reagan’s Attorney General:

“I have known Grover Norquist for over 25yrs and have worked with him in a number of organizations and projects. On this basis I have been able to closely observe him and know of his commitment to this country.”

“Grover is a patriot and loyal to the United States. He is a leader in the conservative movement and has distinguished himself throughout his professional life to the cause of freedom and responsible government. He has served several major civic and public policy organizations, in which he has demonstrated his ability and dedication. He has been a great asset to the groups he has served and should continue as a valuable member of the NRA Board.”


MORTON BLACKWELL, founder and president of the Leadership Institute, dean of conservative activists, says:

“I have heard Frank Gaffney’s presentation against Grover Norquist for many years and have not found the presentation persuasive.”

BOB BARR, NRA Board Member since 1997, a leader in Congress for 8 years on Second Amendment issues:

“I have known and worked with Grover Norquist for 25 years. I have reviewed the charges on which this Recall Petition are based, and I find them to be without merit. I strongly urge a “NO” vote on the Recall Petition.”

DAVID KEENE, past national NRA President and Chairman of the American Conservative Union:

“I’ve worked with Grover for 20 years. He has dedicated his life to constitutional principles. NRA Members should vote NO on the recall ballot.”

DOV ZAKHEIM, the former Undersecretary of Defense and Chief Financial Officer at the Department of Defense:

“I have known [Grover] for years and I can attest to his being an exceedingly decent and honorable man. I can only urge you to disregard any scurrilous attacks on Grover originating with Frank Gaffney; they are untrue, baseless and unfair.”

NRA Board Letters in Support of Grover Norquist


Grover Norquist has been a loyal and outstanding member of the NRA Board of Directors since his first election in 2000. Mr. Norquist has been a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and has devoted many years to that mission. This recall was driven by a troubled individual who has obsessively run a vendetta over nearly two decades.

Grover Norquist has been the President of Americans for Tax Reform, (ATR) since 1985 when President Reagan asked him to run it. ATR asks all candidate for office to sign The Pledge to oppose all tax increases. Grover also chairs the “Ronald Reagan Legacy Project” which works to name things after President Reagan. Reagan Airport in Washington was his first success back in 1995. Grover also serves on the board of the Parents Rights Organization defending homeschoolers.

Grover has written four books including: “Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government’s Hands Off Our Guns, Our Money, Our Lives“; “Debacle“, co-authored with gun rights leader John Lott, and “End the IRS, Before it Ends US.” He is married with two daughters. Lives in Washington D.C. He is a Methodist.


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Anson E. Long

What I wish our “little pal Grover” would do is deal with his perpetually crummy (Chertoffian) beard one way or the other.

Bobby Essary

it appears to me his presence is causing conflict and disruption that we don’t need. I would think if he cared about the organization he would offer to resign rather then be the reason for tearing it apart. I am thinking about voting for recall.

Wild Bill

When do the results come out?

Prof Truth

Facts are Facts. If you watched the Beck interview, he does not deny knowing these people and tries to minimize their relationship with the muslim brotherhood but it is very well documented that they are directly tied to very dangerous people.


I am voting to OUST Norquist.
Allen West, Andrew McCarthy and Gen. Boykin are true Americans. They, along with Frank Gaffney are all the proof I need.
Have you watched Grover’s interview with Beck?? Grover’s body language screams ‘lying liar that lies’!

Carmen Katz

That’s like saying Hitler was not all bad because he didn’t murder ALL the Jews. I’m sorry but there are NO GOOD MUSLIMS.


‘This Guy Is Lying to You’: Beck Analyzes Tense Interview With Grover Norquist via @theblaze

It is painfully obvious Todd Rathner knows NOTHING about Grover. Or, has Grover converted you, TOO? By standing by this man makes me question YOUR stand. Maybe it’s time to voter YOU out, too, Rathner…

VOTE YES to get Grover OUT!


As to Todd Rather’s point:

“The man who actually led the fight against terrorist threats to America – MICHAEL CHERTOFF, head of Homeland Security for four years – states…[~I love Grover]”

Don’t you mean Head of the Orwellian police state apparatus called “Homeland Security”, the man who led the fraudulent “war on terror”, who helped GW “Guest Worker” Bush sabotage America’s most fundamental national defenses – our borders and immigration controls?

Chertoff’s endorsement should actually make loyal conservative NRA members support the Norquist recall.


What a compelling argument, Alan. Not. Your claim that “Grover” is a “great guy”, even if true in some sense, is irrelevant and evades the issue of Norquist’s subversive collaboration with Bloomberg’s immigration long game at the total expense of the Second Amendment and the USA. You remind me of CNN founder Ted Turner: Turner went to Cuba, went fishing with Fidel Castro, came back and told everyone what a great guy “Fidel” is. Why, he’s just a regular guy like you and me! Loves to fish too!

Tred Law

Here is what everyone is missing and what Todd Rathner is try to get at. This is not a yes or no vote for Norquist to be on the board. This is an recall question that has been forced upon the NRA membership by a few anti NRA people who have found a loop hole in the NRA member bylaws. They are using it to create an issue where none should be and cause fighting among NRA members. If you don’t like Norquist you can just vote him out when his board term comes up. But if he is voted… Read more »


@Gottlieb,you have been wrong on so many issues and have distorted facts on others. All the evidence points to norquist being a traitor and supporter of the muslim brotherhood.

danny gonzalez

I have known about Frank Gaffney for about 8 years now and I have followed his writings and the efforts of the Center for Security Policy and I very much admire their work. The allegations against Norquist and his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are backed up by other people who I equally respect like Andrew McCarthy (US attorney who lead the prosecution against the infamous “Blind Sheik” terrorist) and former Congressman from Florida and once Army Colonel, Allen West whom I support strongly. I strongly resent the argument by Todd Rathner that Norquist’s ties to a group that supports… Read more »

danny gonzalez

Grover Norquist is poison, get rid of him. The NRA will be stronger without him!!!


You people? How DARE you!

The Haji Brohood focus is a smokescreen.

Norquisling is a traitor to his fellow citizens and so are all his supporters, including Gottlube


Seems like Todd needs to be taken off the board as well. Good thing I influence at least 1 dozen votes.


Where do you people get your information about Norquist ties to Muslims and the Muslim brotherhood ? If true,I want him out of the NRA yesterday ! If not,make sure you know your facts !


This piece is the most disingenuous beltway Kabuki smokescreen I’ve seen in years, maybe ever. The technique is to focus on one issue, bring the big name NRA board and beltway vampire endorsement guns to bear on it — effectively reverse ad hominem to divert attention from the most fundamental problems with Norquist’s activities and positions. For starters, the author evaded any use of critical words and issues like “immigration”, “amnesty”, “Bob Dold”, “Partnership for a New American Economy”, or “Michael Bloomberg”, all of which and more are indispensable to an honest evaluation of Grover Norquist’s unfitness to serve on… Read more »

Brian Butler

Todd Rathner is a personal friend of mine, and a man of great integrity. I have never seen him be dishonest in any situation ever!!! I have been following this for a while, and have seen what Todd has had to say on this subject. And I firmly believe these acusatuons are ballony as well. All this serves to do is make the NRA look bad, and little else. I, as an NRA member will be voting against this measure. And you all should as well.


Government cannot sped itself into abundance. Keeping your “pledge” is only one thing you signed. You also signed your OATH to the American people and the US Constitution. Have you become THE Domestic Threat the founding fathers warned us of? Many of you have, and that is what we are paying attention to. We have a military whose spending is TEN TIMES the spending of ALL OTHER countries COMBINED. Yet our military’s hands are tied by politicians who only use our military for political advantage and the benefit of the World Elite. Serving foreign interest. WHAT DOES IT MEAN, when… Read more »


According to Breitbart: “While it’s been widely reported that Grover Norquist married a Palestinian Muslim named Samah Alrayyes in 2004, what has gone unreported so far is the other family connections to Palestinian activism there,” Stranahan said. “On Samah’s side, both of Norquist’s wife’s sisters, Sahar and Sarah, live in Chicago and are Palestinian activists who have taken numerous trips to Gaza and the West Bank. These trips were connected with a group called the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Sahar, a dentist, is also the treasurer of the Chicago chapter of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. The entire Norquist family… Read more »


The best support I can see for Norquist is the CBS story by the liars at 60 minutes. During my years in corporate America I had direct knowledge of two stories on 60 minutes. Both were filled with lies and false hoods that included phony phone calls used in the story to tilt it to support their desired view. I realize two of their hundreds of stories is a very small percentage but I am just one person of 320 million and there are millions out there that have first hand knowledge of their bias reporting. Remember the interview with… Read more »

Alan Gottlieb

I have known and worked with Grover for years. He is a great person and all these accusations are bull.

Phil Elliott

Background on myself, Lifelong Republican (since 1960) attended first Gun show in 1961 and haven’t missed many since then. Grover Norquist deserves to be recalled! His so called “advice” to the state of Kansas has been an unmitigated disaster! The state is in a fiscal hole that we may never get out of due entirely to his “advice”.
Now if his advice to the NRA is even half as bad, then we are in deep “doo-doo! Get rid of him!


I refuse to renew my membership if this Muslim Brotherhood supporting imitation of a conservative remains on the board. As his cohort says “period”.

don in la

I find this while thing a distraction. He won the election. End of story.


If i was a lifetime member of the NRA and was able to vote i would definitely vote to recall Norquist. If you really look into his past he has ties to radical islam. I saw the glenn beck story on him as well. If guys like this are running the NRA i’ll send my money elsewhere.


I am voting to recall Grover Norquist from the NRA Board of Directors and urge you to do the same. Frank Gaffney is a credible, American patriot who is alarmed with Grover Norquist’s professional and personal relationships with people and groups devoted to bringing Sharia law to the United States. Do not dismiss Gaffney’s concerns without reading what he has to say.
Frank Gaffney’s bio:
Frank Gaffney’s concerns re: Grover Norquist:

Amazing Grace

I have seen in depth reporting (certainly not the 60 min bias reporting) on Mr Grover and he is blinded to the issue of Islam and is willing to use his connections to undermine the Conservative movement & the USA.


I remember Glen Beck coming out against him some time ago and wondered what it was all about. Has to make you wonder though.


Beck is the nut here!


@GA Peel,I don’t know why ‘we’ ain’t doing it ! But the NRA ain’t recalling Nugent because he never dodged anything ! You’re the clown,fool !

GA Peel

Why aren’t we recalling that draft-dodging clown Ted Nugent?


God fearing, country loving, gun toting NRA board members DO NOT MARRY MUSLIMS!
Go wayyyy back in his past, he is not fit to be on this board!
I vote YES – remove him!