Ammo Ban Raises Over $1 Million, Help Us FIGHT

Help crush Newsom's ammo ban
Help crush Newsom's ammo ban
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

Roseville, CA -( Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

Gavin Newsom's Ammo Ban is just not slowing down. This quarter alone, he has raised over $1 million. And that is just income from people who gave over $5,000. The rest of it won't be seen until the Secretary of State releases that data.

But we have always known that Gavin Newsom and his millionaire donors would dump in massive amounts of money to a cause that strips us of our rights.

In order to keep pace, however, and meet our quarterly filing deadline that ends March 31st at 11:59PM please consider giving what you can so that we can stand between the liberal elitists and the Second Amendment.

Help Us Keep Pace With the Ammo Ban

As we told you before, Newsom and his anti-gun pals have the full backing of the largest state-wide Democratic party in America. And they are more than willing to step up and take away your gun rights.

Additionally, Newsom has been able to convince anti-gun elitists in the Bay Area to come to the table with their seemingly unlimited supply of money.

If you don't believe us, you can view his donation tracking sheet here.

The media is not reporting any of this to the public. California residents have no idea that the Ammo Ban is this close to becoming reality and that millionaire elitists are lining up in droves to strip them of their rights.

Millions of good, law-abiding people don’t even know that their right to buy ammunition will be severely restricted. 

But we know we can combat the lies being spread by the anti-gun elitists.

We need to connect with and educate millions of voters before they vote next November. And we need to register even more before then.

The frustrating reality, however, is that defending your rights — and guns — from the claws of this insidious ballot initiative and the nearly unlimited funds of anti-gun elitists and the Democratic Party is going to be expensive.

So I’m asking for your help, right now, so that we can move forward to Stop Newsom.


FPC SADC has already been in the trenches, distributing voter guides at gun shows and gun stores.

And we're actively building a powerful operations network for our voter registration drive.

But it will take millions of connections with law-abiding citizens if we’re going to Stop Newsom when it counts.

Winning in 2016 means ramping up to fight back right now. There’s just no time to waste. We need to keep pace and match our goals at the quarterly deadline before it is too late!

Please help us gain momentum TODAY — so we can Stop Newsom tomorrow.

For Liberty,

Richard Thomson
Grassroots Director
Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee


Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee (FPC SADC) is a primarily formed political action committee (PAC) sponsored by Firearms Policy Coalition. FPC SADC’s mission is to oppose and defeat Gavin Newsom’s gun control ballot proposal and defend the fundamental, individual Second Amendment civil rights of all law-abiding people.

About the Firearms Policy Coalition:

Firearms Policy Coalition is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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  • 9 thoughts on “Ammo Ban Raises Over $1 Million, Help Us FIGHT

    1. Too many stood by why Obama refused to release birth records and show rather or not he like Cruz who is following in his footsteps. The fact we as a people aren’t taking to the streets over matters is mind blowing. Obama like killery Clinton belong in prison awaiting the rope for treason but they are free and comtinuing their hidden terror. I have sent emails and signed petitions to stop Californias decimation and I’m in Texas. It doesn’t matter where you live, when people join together voices get loud. When the elected officials feel the threat of not being re-elected they listen much better. although they aren’t related by blood the offices are being filled with political nepotism. WE NEED TO STOP IT. So send emails to the senators of other states. California is heavily leftist so let them feel the swing of the people who will not tolerate the raping of the RIGHTS BY GOD AND CONSTITUTION. Captain hindsight is the worlds worst teacher. BE ACTIVE BE PREVENTATIVE AND ALERT. I say not here in Texas. When they show up to strip my family of our rights or my neighbors they will have to strip me of my life. Make them fear a revolt and live up to it. I don’t want to have to do this because some have no balls.

    2. They are going to win and the problems with the new legislation won’t be real until we can no longer buy ammo in Commiefornia and all gun shops have been driven out of business. I am working with our shooting club to rent a storage unit which we will pack with as much ammo as possible so we can continue to pursue our hobby.

    3. I would help, but thanks to Obutthead and his UN affordable health care I have to come up with almost $3000 to give the IRS. That’s 2 months of my income, I’m retired and disabled and I guess I’ll be headed to jail for not paying my taxes while, Al Sharpton sits back on his unpaid $4.5 million tax bill and laughs….The Constitution was written for a reason and that wasn’t so a bunch of idiots could re-write it and do as they please with it. I took an oath to fight for it and America against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC, and right now there are a whole lot of domestic enemies scattered throughout America. I have yet to find an expiration date for that oath. I wish that I could financially support everything and everyone who is fighting for our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS.
      To Dave W. I’ll fight I just can’t finance anything, and I would have done my best to get to the Alamo…

    4. We will have the same problem in NEW YORK because liberials,[ who know nothing about fire-arms or ammo] think we will all be safer in a GUNFREE ZONE. However most of these libs have ARMED GUARDS AND CARRY PERMITS FOR THEMSELVES .American voters better get WISE and Vote these people OUT OF OFFICE. WISE-UP america ,you are giving AWAY your freedom.

    5. We will have the same problem in NEW YORK because liberials,[ who know nothing about fire-arms or ammo] think we will all be safer in a GUNFREE ZONE. However most of these libs have ARMED GUARDS AND CARRY PERMITS FOR THEMSELVES .American voters better get WISE and Vote these people OUT OF OFFICE. WISE-UP america ,you are giving AWAY your freedom.

    6. What freedom loving people in CA need to do, the only thing they NEED to do is move out of that shithole. Every penny of taxes you pay (and you pay a LOT of pennies in CA) goes directly to every leftist oppression fantasy there is. Even if you defeat this bill it’s not like CA will suddenly become a great place to own firearms.

      True patriots would leave that state to implode on it’s own, leave the leftists to their utopia and let it collapse around them. Every day you stay there, paying those taxes, you are enabling their agenda and tyranny.

      I did it, I lived there over 10 years, most of my family is still there and a few friends, yet I said enough is enough and I left. It was not easy, I burned through a lot of my savings, had to sell a lot of my toys (cars, etc) to do it. My family misses me but I tell them they are always welcome to come visit. Nothing worth doing is easy, and the only way CA will ever be saved if it even can is if patriots and conservatives stop supporting their failed ideals.

      Paying taxes in CA is no different than just walking down to the park and handing out $100 bills to the fully able welfare leeches who just want someone else to pay for them to do what they want. The moochers and leeches just suckle off the hard work of producers. Once they run out of hard workers to steal from they just might wake up. Doubtful, but it’s a better chance than continuing to pay for their lifestyle.

      1. Good for you. Can you imagine Texas if the defenders of the Alamo decided that there were just too many Mexican soldiers and ran away? That it took just too much effort? Or our Founders said, ‘OK, George. whatever you want to do to us colonists is Ok with us.’

        Perhaps it’s my military experience which keeps me running toward the fight rather than away from it. Why, even when the fight is tough, the odds don’t look good, and I’d rather be elsewhere, I don’t pack up and leave my fellow fighters to carry on.

        This was once a fantastic place to live. It could be again. The same goes for the nation which the progressives have destroyed.

    7. I’m confused. Is this a solicitation to folks across the country to help 2A efforts in notoriously anti-gun (and anti-America) California? If so, that seems like an fast approaching dead end. Good luck. I’m sorry, but I choose to spend my limited resources to support the good fight here in my own state. Let Californians sort out their own insane problems.

      1. Don’t know where you moved to, but let me put it this way… if you are not willing to help us fight the good fight, when the time comes, why should we care about you? We are ALL in this fight together whether we are in California or Texas… and yes there are anti-gun people pushing against us in even Texas.

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