The Legislative Session Started Yesterday – and Here Come the New Anti-Gun Bills

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Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus
Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

Saint Paul, MN -( At noon yesterday, the Minnesota legislature reconvened for the final part of the 2015 – 2016 legislative session.

And while we’re expecting a generally quiet session overall, with a focus on transportation, taxation, education, and the bonding bill – there will be some who will seek to pass new gun control legislation.

The anti-gunners in the Minnesota Senate did not disappoint yesterday, with the introduction of four new anti-gun bills for consideration this session.

While the full text is not yet available for the bills, here’s what we’ve been able to glean so far:

  • SF2228:  This appears to be a very comprehensive gun control bill including universal background checks (aka universal registration) and a host of other restrictions.
  • SF2268:  Requires a federal firearms license for any person transferring three or more firearms in the course of a calendar year. This bill is a Senate version of Rep. Kim Norton’s House bill.
  • SF2269:  Comprehensive Gun Control Act of 2016. This bill is a Senate version of Rep. Kim Norton’s House bill.
  • SF2357:  Prohibiting persons on the terrorist watch list from possessing firearms. This bill is a Senate version of Rep. Phyllis Kahn’s House bill.

We’ve updated our 2016 Legislative Tracker with what we know so far. Keep an eye on our Legislative Tracker for updates as we learn more in the coming days.

Keep in mind, that while the Minnesota House is controlled and led by fully pro-gun legislators – the Minnesota Senate is not. In the Senate, these bills will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is led by reliably anti-gun Senator Ron Latz.

While we’re still waiting on the bill text to provide more details, here are some steps that you can take TODAY to help stop these bills from advancing:

  1. Call your Senator in the Minnesota Senate. Let them know you’re opposed to any gun control legislation for the upcoming session. You can look up your Senator’s contact information at the MN Legislature website.
  2. Send a brief email to your Senator as a follow-up to your phone call. Re-iterate your key points and opposition to gun control legislation.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, join the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and help us in the 24×7 fight to protect your constitutional rights as a gun owner in Minnesota.

As always, we’ll keep you apprised as the session began yesterday.

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