The Reason Bernie Won in Michigan That Hillary Wants to Keep Secret

By Don McDougall

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

United States -( The reason Bernie won in Michigan that Hillary wants to keep secret – Her move to ban guns Vs NRA support for Bernie’s position on PLCAA.

There is only ONE major policy difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. That is the repeal of the PLCAA.

In a nutshell, PLCAA says that gun dealers and manufacturers must be treated like any normal business. There is no blanket immunity or special protected rights as Hillary claims. PLCAA simple say that gun manufacturers and dealers may not be sued for selling or making a legal product. Sanders supports this law; Hillary wants it repealed.

What is at stake? Well, Elliot Spitzer said that without this protection he would bankrupt every gun dealer and manufacturer in the country. Without PLCAA, he would effectively end gun owners’ freedoms across the board. His statement about bankrupting all gun manufacturers was not a threat it was a promise, and an action he intended to follow through on.

In essence, Hillary will turn the trial lawyers loose against American gun owners.

Every accidental discharge will now result in a lawsuit with you at the center of the action. Any dealer who ever sold a gun and had it misused will be put out of business and all civilian manufacturers will be forced to close. So what if the buyer passed a federally conducted background check and was given the gun, the gun dealer is still to be held responsible!

The awakening of liberal gun owners, that their rights REALLY ARE AT STAKE, is the paradigm shift that cost Hillary Michigan.

Ohio is now in play for Bernie, as well as upstate and eastern New York and Pennsylvania. Bernie Sanders didn’t suddenly become popular with 65% of the men in Michigan. Men in Michigan realized that a vote for Hillary is a vote to have your guns confiscated.

The mainstream media does not ask Democrats about gun control, as they assume all march in lockstep with Hillary. The MSM dominated by liberal pundits have no idea to even ask this question.

Gun owners don’t fear those who support gun safety but they will vote against those who would confiscate our firearms.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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John Novak

I agree, I went Independent 2 years into carter. I can vote Independent or democrat but not gop and have wondered why this is.
To be honest, I have voted for my wife more often than not.

Mark Lee

I highly recommend that everyone change their political affiliation at your local voter administration authority to “undecided” so that you have the right to vote for whomever you like this November. In MA on Super Tuesday I was told that I could not change my affiliation on election day and I felt my rights were violated since I could not even see both ballots – I could only see one or the other. That isn’t how elections should be run IMHO and I want to exercise my freedom of choice.


Then they can start sending out littering tickets to all the big stores when all those plastic and paper bags that they have their names on are found blowing around everywhere a person looks anymore. So many trash dumpers without any pride in their surroundings is so common nowadays. It all starts at the TOP, with the pres trashing everything others are following suit.So SAD!


I can’t believe anyone in MI even voted for Hit-Ler-y or Crazy Bernie…No wait, I take that back we DO have a LOT of STUPID PEOPLE in this State.


Pundits will say and SPIN any topic they can to serve their candidate regardless of whether or not that candidate is a criminal or a tyrant or even deserving of the position…

Stephanie Rowe

Agreed..obviously, there’s an entire group of liberals that DO value ALL their constitutional rights..especially their gun rights..but see way differently in other matters like abortion, religious liberty et al. Whoaaa nellie when it comes to any sort of gun confiscation, regulation or registration. Gun control is a deal-breaker for many many liberals..including our large volume of Democrat veterans. Great article..pointing to a truth I had not considered. She is lucky that our primary was held a month prior to MI annual Second Amendment March and Rally in Lansing. This kind of info would have tipped it even further away from… Read more »

Donald P

Seriously, that is not the only reason Sanders defeated Clinton. Don McDougall,you should be ashamed.

Bob Shell

The bottom line is Hillary & others want to totally ban guns & this is one way to do that since she wouldn’t be able to directly ban them through congress so it is a back door way of doing it. So if you are tired of having gun rights and want them taken then vote for Hillary


Then I want to sue GM , and every other vehicle maker for making a vehicle that can be operated under the influence of alcohol ,since I was hit by a drunk driver in a gm car and suffer permanent damage. Also every company that makes/and /or/serves alcohol , for making a dangerous product that creates a hazardous driver. That’s their logic lets bankrupt every company in the U.S. Well vehicles make after all about 54k deaths from dd and accidents and 300k injured. Poisonings make up a lot of deaths too lets sue all those companies too the only… Read more »

Delbert Smith

Right on Sir, it does come down to personal responsibility doesn’t it. Unfortunately we have a group of folks in our country that fine it easier to blame everyone else for the troubles they themselves perpetuate.


In 2005 President Bush signed in to law, The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act “Gun Protection Act” ! Don McDougall for whatever reason failed to mention that !