NASCAR Affiliated Lobbyist Now Working to Ban Fan’s Guns in New Hampshire

DuPont Group Joins forces with New York Gun Banners
DuPont Group Joins forces with New York Gun Banners
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

New Hampshire –  -( The gloves are off!

Anti gun former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has hired The DuPont Group, a Concord, NH based lobbying firm to push his gun-ban agenda.

Shockingly, these are the same lobbyists who are employed by the New Hampshire International Motor Speedway, NASCAR and Crotched Mountain Resort.

These two New Hampshire institutions are now tainted by their affiliation with gun ban extremists.

The anti-gun idealogues have come out swinging, they have proposed a “killer amendment” to SB 336. This anti-gun amendment intends to rewrite this pro-gun bill [SB336] into a bill that greatly expands the unconstitutional instant check.

The DuPont Group and its principles are sneaky, they are quietly trying to get their anti-gun agenda passed and make money on our loss of freedoms, but we here at New Hampshire Firearms Coalition (NHFC) have pulled back the curtain and exposed these enemies of freedom to the light of day.

Most lobbyists act like prostitutes, they will work for whomever pays them. Edward DuPont, Susan Paschel and Curtis Barry are three of those prostituting themselves to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately for New Hampshire’s firearms owners, Rep. Dave Welch, Rockingham 13, has agreed to be the “water boy” for these lobbyists and anti-gun extremists. He authored under his name their anti-gun agenda and has called for a special hearing on Tuesday April 26th to introduce this anti-gun amendment. If this amendment passes, every anti-gun group in the country will follow their lead and start paying big money to every “money grabbing lobbyist” to take away our civil rights.

That’s right, even though New York gun control is a failure, criminals run rampant and violent crime is far more prevalent than in New Hampshire, Bloomberg wants to export New York style gun control to New Hampshire. He wants to make New Hampshire like New York and snuff out our freedom.

“What is really troublesome to me is that Edward DuPont is a former New Hampshire Senate President. It seems that Mr. DuPont has forgotten his roots and what New Hampshire values really are. Or maybe he didn’t forget and the allure of Bloomberg’s money got the better of him. Whatever the reason, Edward DuPont is acting truly evil and he is working for the most evil of organizations, “EVERYTOWN FOR GUN SAFETY ACTION FUND” …known to most Gun Owners as “EVERYTOWN FOR GUN BANS”.” says NHFC

If DuPont, Barry and Paschel like New York gun control so much they should pack up shop and go live in New York; otherwise, leave New Hampshire alone, we are doing just fine thank you!

Click here to read an excellent report on the DuPont Group’s anti gun activities division.

Here is what you can do to help.

Call the DuPont Group at (603) 228-3322 and ask to speak with Edward DuPont, Susan Paschel and Curtis Barry and let them know that their anti-gun activities have been exposed.

Then, call the New Hampshire International Motor Speedway at (603) 783-4931 and let them know that you do not appreciate their affiliation with an anti-gun outfit. Tell them that you take your Second Amendment rights very seriously and because they have hired the DuPont Group you now consider them just as anti-gun as their hired prostitutes in Concord.

Then make the same call and deliver the same message to Crotched Mountain Resort at: (603) 588-2000.

The remainder of DuPonts clients are out of state interests who probably don’t care about the New Hampshire culture of freedom!

Lastly, call and email Rep. Dave Welch and tell him that you are onto his anti gun games and that you are outraged that he is trying to introduce and pass an anti-gun amendment for Michael Bloomberg. You can call Rep. Welch at(603)642-4402 or email him here [email protected]

Finally, click here to email all of the members of the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and tell them that you want Michael Bloomberg’s anti gun amendment defeated and you expect them to pass SB 336 without further delay.

See more at:

Thanks for your support.

In Liberty,
Alan M. Rice
Vice President & Training Director – NHFC

About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire’s only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

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Maybe it’s time New Hampshire changes it’s state motto to “Live Free via Non-compliance”?


I lost interest in nascar after watching the nra 500 in Texas. Not one of those spineless sellout commetators mentioned the nra during the broadcast. They claim to be America’s sport, thats not very american to me. Dale Earnhardt, Niel bonnett and many others (real Americans) are rolling over in there grave watching nascar drop to that level. God bless America and the constitution.


How about contacting NASCAR? I can quit buying tickets to the three events I attend each year. Also, how about contacting their major sponsors? Come on people, let your wallet talk!

Wild Bill

Excellent, excellent advice!

Jim Macklin

NASCAR members should immediately fire these low life, scum sucking lobbyists. NASCAR and the NH Motor Speedway don’t need this, don’t want it. Dale Earnhardt Sr. must be spinning at 6,000 rpm.


Michael Bloomberg is easily one of the most despicable living human beings.


I don’t consider Bloom turd to human. He is lower than the slime under a rock.


hes a Jew ,’nuff said