SIG Sauer P239 Tactical Gun Review

By David Tong
In this gun review I look over the SIG Sauer P239 Tactical pistol.

SIG Sauer P239 Tactical Pistol in 9mm with the Piston Silencer
SIG Sauer P239 Tactical Pistol in 9mm with the Piston Silencer
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( One of the fine products from SIG-Sauer is the SIG Sauer P239 Tactical compact service pistol. ( )

Available in 9X19, the SIG Sauer P239 Tactical model differs from the others by having an extended / threaded barrel for a suppressor, tritium night sights, their “Short-Reset Trigger,” and having two extended ten-round single-stack magazines in addition to one eight-round flush-fitting one.

SIG Sauer P239 Tactical Pistol

The SIG 239 feels heavier than its relatively slim profile and grip makes you believe it should be. In this regard, it is “old-school” compared to the polymer-framed, striker-fired (PFSF) pistols that are all the rage.

The usual S-S consistency of barrel to slide, and barrel to locking cam were there. No play was detected when vigorously wiggling the barrel while field-stripped, and only the slightest bit of play in the slide to frame fit was evident.

Ergonomically, I find the SIG Sauer P239 Tactical pistol comfortable and comforting. My medium-sized hands use all of the available grip length. It truly is no bigger than it has to be.

Some people with larger hands may find the grip area too short for all their fingers though.

Unlike most of the plastic-fantastic striker-fired “norm,” no trigger pulling is required to field-strip the pistol for maintenance. It is dirt-simple to do. Merely drop the magazine, lock the slide open, rotate the disassembly lever downward ninety-degrees clockwise, and ease the slide forward. Remove the recoil spring guide and barrel, done. All interior slide surfaces are beautifully smooth, and an M16 toothbrush is all that is required to clean it. Reassemble in reverse order.

SIG Sauer P239 Tactical Hand Gun
SIG Sauer P239 Tactical Hand Gun

One nice thing about the SIG Sauer P239 Tactical’s extended barrel is its four-inch length. This means that one will extract the nominal ballistics the 9X19 is capable of.

This is my first detailed encounter with the company’s Short Reset Trigger, having only handled one in passing several years ago at the SHOT show. I think the company’s claim of “60%” less reset distance compared to their stock trigger system is an accurate description, and it feels better than that.

While the SIG Tactical is close in size to a Glock 19, it has a much narrower butt section though. That is the hardest part of a handgun to conceal. It has a 4” barrel, is approximately 7.5” in length, and weighs 29.5oz with an empty 8-round magazine in place.

SIG Sauer P239 Tactical Range Time

A variety of ammunition including Winchester’s White Box 115gr FMJ and 147gr TMJ Train and Defend, and Remington’s old 115gr JHP in consecutive 5-shot groups at 25 yards from a rest, were the order of the day. I think that this method of shooting purports to eliminate shooter skill, but I digress somewhat. The shooter is still responsible for the consistency of the grip, sight picture, breath control, and trigger squeeze for every shot. Practice while standing two-handed in rapid fire is a better indicator of how well it works for you as this is likely the way it will be employed.

  • Winchester FMJ: Average= 3”
  • Winchester 147 TMJ: Average= 2 3/8”
  • Remington JHP: Average= 3 ¼”

I believe the SIG Sauer P239 Tactical pistol’s size and weight are both a blessing and a curse. It is very soft in recoil as you’d expect being an all-metal nine-mil, but at a loaded weight of nearly 33oz with nine rounds on board, some might object to that.

I do prefer the reliability of ignition of a hammer-fired handgun and also like the immediate visual state of readiness. With no manual safety, every P-Series SIG is always ready to fire, hammer down or at full stand.

What is tougher to understand is the pricing and purpose of the pistol. It is nearly $1.200 at 2016 MSRP, and it is designed for use with a suppressor, an expensive and paperwork-laden accessory to acquire. One might be better off with the standard P239 except then you lose the short reset trigger (available as a factory-installed option however).

The SIG Sauer P239 Tactical pistol is an interesting handgun that shoots well and is reliable. In 9X19 caliber, it is significantly less expensive to practice with in this day and age of sky-high ammo prices and availability woes than most others, and there is something to be said about the company’s consistently high standard of manufacture and functionality that still resonates to me after having sampled a number of their products over the past decade and a half.

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I have had. 239 357 SIG since mid ninety’s.I have been carrying it everyday.i will never change.

Wayne Stacy

I know that his is an old article; Sig has moved on from promoting the 239; I have owned my P239 for more than 15 years. It came cased in .40 and .357 both barrels in the box. There is an old saying “once you own a Cadillac you never look at a Pontiac.” My 239 is indeed a Cadillac; it will shoot 4” groups at 21’ all day long; I’ve never had a jamor stovepiped a round in more than a decade. I have however always questioned my purchase for two reasons; the greatest of which was no rail… Read more »

w. harrington

Iam a retired federally certified fire arms instructor and taught and competed for more than forty years and am now retired from my home town of new york Police department and am still conducting advanced classes when I’m not fishing. I own three Sig Sauer s P220 target , a gift from my ex Navy Seals son his Seal version of the Sig 226. and my carry a P239.. who thinks it’s a competition pistol. Took it on a PPC course and it shot a score of 293 out of 3 hundred. It handles unlike any other compact I have… Read more »

peter graham

i’m an old 82nd airborne guy. it’s really good when people like yourself publish enough of their background, and implicitly their qualifications, so readers like me can judge the validity of the comments. I will only add one detail to the larger picture of the evolution of Sig pistols: Short recess triggers are only useful (or in fact relevant) to less than one in 10,000 shooters – that is, true law enforcement professionals or cutting edge military guys who practice constantly so their short-burst-groups can be tighter. For the rest of us, SRT capabiity is just a fad. I’m not… Read more »


I love my P239 in 9mm. I am considering a 239 SAS in 357 Sig too. But why do so many manufacturers offer purpose built pistols, to take suppressors, without offering the needed, higher factory iron sights? There are some manufacturers that do! I would spend my gun $$ with them, to buy a complete pistol, from the get go.
As for the short reset trigger, there are other 239 versions other than the Tactical, that have the SRT.

Don Bailey

@Cea, I love the performance of the 357 Sig cartridge. Also, I didn’t notice the forward sight in the picture until you commented on it. Anyone who buys this pistol will spend some more money to correct that oversight by SIG Sauer. Good catch.

Robert C Mansfield

I’ve got a P239 SAS on me as I type this. The SAS has the Short Reset Trigger. The Scorpion does, too.


Yeah, I have a Scorpion. Beautiful gun (for a pistol, I guess) and and excellent shooter!

Jorge Norberto Pedace



Your comments are interesting. Too bad probably no one but I understand them! Why don’t you write in English? Poor English is better than excellent Spanish because this site is written in English and the readers are usually mono-lingua. Are you trying to make some sort of political comment?


This is the second comment that he made today. I don’t read that language, but I’m pretty sure that he said the same thing on another topic.


Hi Cea,
Well, I hope he responds to my questions. His comments are straight-forward, knowledgeable, and pro self-defense.
PS- I own only SigSauer handguns and really like them and their customer service. I do not own a P239 because of the way it feels in my hands.


WHAT ??? should not have been posted .


Jorge: I did not know you could have guns in Mexico, so why worry about a silencer?