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Everyday carry gear montages or “EDC Pocket Dumps” are all the trend these days and in uncertain times like ours it is money well spent to be prepared and remain dangerous.

EDC Quiet Professional
EDC The Quiet Professional

Grinnell, Iowa – -(Ammoland.com)- What’s the point of EDC (everyday carry) gear? Having protection that the average onlooker doesn’t know you have?

This discreet holster, dress belt, simple key chain and other kit can look totally innocuous to the unsuspecting eye.

It’ll work with both casual and formal gear.

Depending on your particular needs and preferred firearm, this particular setup is both high-impact and low profile. Perfect for a novice or experienced CCW carrier.

Like what you see? Here is the The Quiet Professional product break down:

1.) Magpul PMAG 15 Gl9 for Glocks

PRICE: $15
ITEM NO: 100-017-578
NOTES: Because you can never have too many mags. Magpul brings their proprietary polymer construction and renowned reliability to the venerable to Glock 17, 19, 26, and 34 models. These lightweight, 15-round mags feature a removable floorplate, stainless steel spring, anti-tilt follower, and reinforced feed lips. The perfect accompaniment to your CCW Glock that has been tested to withstand feed and release failures. Best of all, they run about the price of a new Blu-ray.

2.) Swiss Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1

PRICE: $10
ITEM ID: 100-016-710
NOTES: The Swiss have a knack for giving you lots of options on one tool. Here’s what you get in the Swiss Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1: ¼” hex wrench; 7/16″ hex wrench; #0, #1, and #2 flat screwdrivers; #0, #1, and #2 phillips screwdriver; pliers; wire cutter; wire stripper; wire crimper; nail file, hand drill; bottle opener; inches ruler; inches ruler extension; millimeter ruler; and millimeter ruler extension. We’re not sure you could offer more for 10 bucks.

3.) Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 Holsters

PRICE: $35
ITEM NO: 100-018-396
NOTES: You’ve heard the expression “less is more.” Well what about a holster that symbolizes that notion? Meet the vanguard 2. For those who want a discreet IWB holster for their Gen 3 or 4 Glock, this Kydex design comes about as close to sticking a pistol in your pants waistband as a holster can without sacrificing safety in the process.

4.) Mantis Knives Vuja De Knife

PRICE: $90
ITEM NO: 100-014-730
NOTES: It looks fierce, it is fierce. The Vuja De Knife combines the quick deployment of a Balisong with the aggressive curvature of Karambit styling along with a ring for better retention. With an overall length of 7″, a 2″ G10 blade, and pocket clip, it’s got a little of everything to go along way when SHTF.

5.) Streamlight Microstream Flashlight

PRICE: $21
ITEM NO: 100-005-923
NOTES: The importance of a small, powerful, reliable flashlight can’t be stressed enough. Streamlight is one of the best names in the flashlight biz, so the microstream’s pocket clip, unobtrusive 3½” length and mere 1.1 oz. weight might even make you forget you’re carrying it until you turn on it’s 35-lumen LED. Oh yes, and it’s powered by a single AAA battery that’s included.

6.) Galco SB3 Dress Belt

PRICE: $72
ITEM NO: 100-015-397
NOTES: Need a good all-purpose leather belt that’ll look good on slacks or jeans and be able to carry the weight of a handgun? This leather belt from Galco is certainly a great prospect. Made with a nickel-plated brass buckle, and available in Havana brown or black. plenty of sizes to choose from at Brownells.com.

7.) RE Factor Tactical Survival Key Chain

PRICE: $27
ITEM NO: 100-013-912
NOTES: This is the Swiss Army Knife of bracelets. contained in its innocuous appearance is 20 feet of 80-lb.-test fishing line, 18″ of 45-lb.-test snare wire, 7 feet of paracord, a handcuff key buckle, fire starter, P-51 can opener, fishing hook, and key ring. Available in black, tan, or ranger green, what more could you ask for in a “key chain”?

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Will someone please tell me what model of gun that is? I like the orange on the back of the grip.

Mark Cornett

Talk about remaining dangerous- with people running out and buying Vanguard holsters. What the article should say is it’s ‘more or less safe’, with the emphasis on being less safe. Perfect for a novice? : “about as close to sticking a pistol in your pants waistband as a holster can without sacrificing safety in the process? Hardly.

Chuck Haggard

Actually Mark, your entire description of the Vanguard is off base. That holster is as secure as any other friction style retention holster on the market.

Mark Cornett

Chuck, maybe you can clear up some concerns I have with the holster. Can it be safely drawn and reholstered without complete removal from the belt? How do you see this being worked into a training session at the range? Would you really recommend this to a novice? I can see uses for a retention style trigger guard, like safe storage in a bag, or for those times when deep concealement is the main concern. While the trend seems to be focused on minimalist holsters, each user needs to assess their own safety and/or comfort level and realize this is… Read more »

Chuck Haggard

Yes, one can easily and safely draw from this holster.

It is in fact designed to be removed from the belt in most cases to allow reholstering. I would likely not recommend such a set-up for a novice, but even standard belt holsters are something novices need to work up to under instruction in order to be safe. Shooting one’s self while reholstering happens with all types of holsters.

BTW, sorry for the double tap reply, for some reason my original reply wasn’t showing up wehn I checked the page.

Chuck Haggard


Your characterisation of the Vanguard holster is entirely off base, you could not be more wrong. You clearly have zero experience with that holster. It’s designed to cover the trigger guard and secure the handgun in the waistband, and it does these things very well, which makes it as safe as any other holster one might buy for IWB carry. Something like the Versacarry is NOT the same thing.

Mark Cornett


I stand corrected. Thanks for taking the time to respond. You’re right, they are NOT the same. That was one of my major concerns. I still have some reservations about the holster but appreciate your feedback and explanation.


I like the knife