The Problem With The Terror Watchlist

ACLU opposition to gun control amendments.
ACLU opposition to gun control amendments.
Utah Shooting Sports Council
Utah Shooting Sports Council

USA – -( biggest threat in Congress continues to be schemes to strip those on various secret terrorist watch lists of their gun rights without any due process.

Before we discuss this we want to be clear.

The Utah Shooting Sports Council is opposed to terrorists getting guns.  However, a terrorist and someone on a terrorist watch list are two different things.  As we stated in our previous alert the late Senator Ted Kennedy was on the “No Fly List” and he was not a terrorist (Chappaquiddick notwithstanding).

Any amendment that seeks to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists must be aimed at terrorists, not simply people on a list.  It must respect the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment’s right of due process.

Evidence needs to be presented to a judge and a judicial ruling must be issued for someone to be stripped of their civil rights.  Additionally someone who loses their gun rights in such a manner must have the evidence made available to them and there needs to be a easy and readily available means to contest the loss of those rights.

The two amendments proposed by anti-gun Democrats in the Senate last week had none of these provisions.  There were however two other amendments that offered due process protections and the Democrats rejected them both.  This is because these amendments are not about stopping terrorism they are about gun control.  The Democrats know that even a total gun ban would not stop a terrorist from getting a gun in the U.S. anymore than it did in Paris.  If the gun banners can get a law passed allowing a group of people (up to one million people on the Terrorist Watch List or one hundred thousand on the no fly list)  stripped of their civil rights with no due process they can then use that precedent to create other lists.

The problems with these two amendments extend well beyond gun rights.  Even the anti-gun American Civil Liberties Union opposed these two amendments.  We suggest you read their opposition to these bills at the following link.  From a civil liberties standpoint these amendments are more chilling than we can go into in this alert.

ACLU opposition to gun control amendments.

If the gun control lobby gets their wish and the government can strip people on a lists of their gun rights with no due process then the precedent will be set that such behavior is ok.   Next will be calls to have a watch list for groups such as gangs, then it will be anyone who has ever visited a mental health professional.  Eventually it will be anyone who posts anything online that can be deemed “hate speech.”  If this sounds far fetched, one has only to look to the recent executive action of President Obama.  He has stripped away the gun rights of over 100,000 disabled veterans by declaring them mentally defective and therefore ineligible to own a firearm simply because they have chosen to have someone handle their financial affairs.

The Utah Shooting Sports Council believes that the current gun control debate in Congress is simply a distraction from President Obama’s failed policy on terrorism and any of the proposals presented so far will do nothing to stop a determined killer.   If Congress is to do anything useful related to guns and terrorism, we believe they should pass national concealed carry reciprocity.  As we learned in Chicago and Upper Darby, PA the best way to stop a mass shooting is to shoot back.

About Utah Shooting Sports Council:

The Utah Shooting Sports Council represents the citizens of Utah who safely and legally own and use firearms, exercising rights guaranteed under both the United States and Utah constitutions. Visit:

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Everyone, I repeat EVERYONE (politicians, members of gun-control orgs., et. al.) that conspires to restrict our “secured” (by Heller) Second Amendment right, or any other right that is guaranteed by the Constitution, is guilty of the federal felony of Conspiracy Against Rights (Title 18, USC, Sec. 241) which is punishable by ten years to life in Leavenworth. This fact makes each and every legislator who has ever written, supported or voted to enact such a regulation a felon. Furthermore, if/when we are striped of such a right and have been jailed or fined by the court for simply exercising a… Read more »


quote: “Evidence needs to be presented to a judge and a judicial ruling must be issued for someone to be stripped of their civil rights. Additionally someone who loses their gun rights in such a manner must have the evidence made available to them and there needs to be a easy and readily available means to contest the loss of those rights.” First sentence, fine. Keep it. BUT.. rather than letting the gummint put Bob Brown on that list based on the first entence, how’s about having HIM come in and giving him an opportunity to answer to the information… Read more »

Grey Beard

In the PDRK (Ca) the mere allegation of misconduct made to Any LE Agency results in the accused being put on the State Wide Sex Offender suspect list FOR LIFE! No trial or much less conviction required. And, there is NO WAY to get your name off the list. It happened to one of my hunting friends and was emphasized in the Reserve POST School I attended.


The average American citizen does not see including suspected terrorists from acquiring firearms by virtue of inclusion on a secret list as any kind of threat to their own liberties. I suggest that if you meet someone like this that ask them if such people should not also be fired from jobs where their employment might offer these suspected people an opportunity to do great harm. Or put I this way. Should not the names be released to their employers? In this context most Americans would recognize the injustice of denying rights based on inclusion on some secret list. Try… Read more »


No American should ever be put a on secret list, period! It, as this article so clearly points out, is unconstitutional. All Congressmen who have allowed this to happen should be brought up on treason charges. As well as the Congressmen who inserted wording that let TransCanada continue to use the power of imminent domain to bury their pipeline on private land owned by Americans.


SO, YOU PREFER to allow Buffet to ship the Crude oil in TANK CARS that have a record of jumping the track and polluting both the land and waterways; Not to mention Burning down a town in Canada. Nothing more than a democrat plan to continue allowing another leftist to benefit financially at the expense of American citizens and the environment. RE: Pipelines on Private Land Owned by Americans; HOW is this DIFFERENT from high tension power lines that violate the rights of private citizens to oppose them and their needed access gates/roads? How about seizing property from private citizens… Read more »