Shooting Illustrated‘s First Issue as an NRA Member Magazine Makes a Bold Statement!

FN America’s belt-fed behemoth, the M249S
FN America’s belt-fed behemoth, the M249S
Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Illustrated

USA-( NRA members who select Shooting Illustrated as their member magazine will be treated to FN America’s belt-fed behemoth, the M249S, on the cover of the July issue.

This semi-automatic rifle is a civilian-friendly version of the company’s Squad Automatic Weapon, the M249 SAW. It is available to any law-abiding gun owner, and feeds from either box magazines or M27 links.

About as far from the M249S in every conceivable aspect is the Constitution Arms’ Palm Pistol. Designed as a single-shot firearm for those with disabilities or limited strength, the sturdy Palm Pistol was engineered from the ground-up to be simple and intuitive to operate, as well as extraordinarily safe. With three separate safety devices and two triggers, there are many ways in which the Palm Pistol can be held and fired. This innovative design is even up for consideration as a medical device! Read what Associate Editor Bob Boyd discovered during his time with this innovative firearm.

Whether you’re equipping a long-range precision rifle with a magnified optic, a belt-fed semi-auto with a red-dot sight or a single-shot Palm Pistol with a laser aiming device, the folks at SIG Sauer have you covered. We examine SIG’s extensive line of Electro-optics for defensive and tactical use. See what our rigorous testing revealed about this exciting new line of optics from SIG Sauer.

If you enjoyed Shooting Illustrated on the newsstand and wish to continue reading the magazine, you’ll need to sign up for an NRA membership, which you should have done already to protect your Second Amendment rights. If you are already a member, you can change your magazine selection today online at ( or via telephone by calling (877) NRA-2000. Alternatively, you can add Shooting Illustrated to your existing membership for $9.95 per year

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I was in the Marine Corps in 1984 when the M249 was first issued to our infantry battalion and was fortunate to be able to “fam” fire this beast, spending an entire day at Camp Lejeune sending hundreds and hundreds of rounds down range! What an amazing piece of weaponry. Recently I was again able to hold an M249, albeit the civilian version, and was again super impressed. Unfortunately, these days there is no way I can justify the high cost of owning one – but I still do lust after it!